How To Choose A Cannabis Packaging Service?

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July 14th, 2018   |   Updated on August 14th, 2018

Packaging service is the efficient way of delivering the goods to the final destination. Transportation of the product to the final address includes proper packaging process but there should be varieties of options for protecting the product while shipping.

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It involves the three layers of packaging, the first refers to the primary packaging, it deals with the direct contact between the product and the packaging (inner packaging) and the second is the secondary packaging that is covered above the primary packaging (outer packaging) and the last one is the tertiary packing for the warehouse storage, transport delivery and for bulk handling.

There are different types of packaging materials like-

Plastic packaging – It is the most common packaging but it is difficult to dispose.

Metal packaging – This packaging is useful for the items like canned products such as fruit, pickle, tomatoes etc.

Brick carton – This is a light in weight and useful for the products that require air tight packaging.

Cardboard packaging – It is easy to reuse means it can be recycled and it is in the form of boxes, corrugated cardboards.

Glass packaging – This is useful for the liquid products.

Packaging service is used to protect the product during the process of distribution, storage, sale and use. The purpose of packaging service of the product is –

  • It gives physical protection to the product.
  • It gives barrier protection from dust, oxygen, water vapors etc.
  • It enhances the security of the product especially with the risks involved in shipping.
  • Information transmission is another advantage of packaging as it tells you about details like how to use, how to recycle etc. through the labeling present on the package.
  • It provides portion control i.e. division of bulk commodity into smaller packets so that it is easier to manage.

While selecting the cannabis packaging services there are some points we should keep in mind like:

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Review important regulations – If the product is delivering overseas then it is very important to be familiar with the standards like International Standards for Phyto-sanitary Measures as it can result into return of the product, shipment delays etc.

Inquiry about inspection – The shipping section should know about the packaging requirements.

Physical traits – Always check whether the product requires special packaging and from dust, sunlight, physical stress, water etc.

Transportation mode – The mode of transportation of the product is also important as the mode may damage the product later.

Eco friendly materials – Always use environment friendly material for the packaging so that they can be recycled and properly disposed.

Before selecting the right packaging service, always ensure that the company is using high quality material and effective processes to maintain the standards such as ePac Flexible Packaging providers.

They are a leading cannabis packaging company that offers reliable services at good rates. They check and test their packaging material and quality at all stages to ensure complete quality assurance for their customers