How To Get Some Emergency Money When You Need Cash Quickly

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Published on March 4th, 2019

Sometimes, you just need cash right now. Read this to learn how to get emergency money when you need it, regardless of your credit!

We’re living through tough times. Financially speaking, many of us are struggling. For instance, 55 million Americans have no funds set aside for an emergency. That’s a quarter of people in this country without any savings.

Those are scary statistics. For one reason or another, millions of people simply wouldn’t be able to respond to any sort of financial dire straits. It’s no wonder that personal loan debt has increased by 11.9% in recent years.

People just don’t have the funds around when they need them. What happens when you need money quickly

Thankfully there are certain things you can do to access emergency money. Keep reading to find out what they are.

9 Ways To Get Emergency Money When You Need It Most

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Sometimes you need money quickly. You can’t wait until your next paycheck. Disasters and emergencies wait for no-one. It’s now or never.

How do you get hold of the money? Here are 9 ways to get cash quickly.

1. Pawn Your Possessions

  • No-one wants to pawn their most valuable possessions.
  • There’s no denying it, though, this age-old way of making a quick buck works. From watches, antiques, jewelry and so on, you’re unlikely to get what your item’s worth. However, you can walk out of a shop with much-needed money.
  • We recommend this as a last resort. Your money situation can change quickly. You never know when you’ll get that new job, or get a stroke of financial good fortune. But you can never get that family heirloom back.
  • Try to expend all alternatives before heading to a pawn shop.


2. Do Day Work

  • You can find all sorts of day labor available online.
  • Do a quick google search for short term jobs in your area.
  • It’s unlikely that you’ll need any specific training or qualifications. After all, these roles are usually basic, menial type work.
  • The jobs might not be enjoyable. However, you can often walk into them the next day and get paid shortly afterward.
  • You could even ask around to see if anything needs particular jobs done around their homes. Or if they know anyone who could use your services. Getting your name out there can bring work and money in quickly.


3. Partake In Medical Trials

  • Medical studies offer money in exchange for your participation.
  • These are often research studies or clinical trials of new treatment approaches. Companies and health services will often pay good money for your involvement.
  • They might not be pleasant, though. If you don’t mind being a human guinea pig, then great. Expect to be tested, prodded and poked before getting your paycheck.


4. Sell Your Blood

  • Selling plasma is a common way people opt to make quick money.
  • You can make between $25 and $50 a pop, though it’s generally limited to twice a week. You’ll also require a physical to ensure all is well to donate your blood.
  • This can be fairly easy money compared to selling sperm or eggs. These options require hefty screening processes, which mean you’ll have to wait longer to earn anything.


5. Online Installment Loans

  • Online installment loans offer a way to get emergency loans despite bad credit.
  • This can be a lifesaver for anyone who struggles to get traditional loans. You apply for the money and receive it in no time at all. This can be a useful short term solution to difficult financial situations, and it will help you avoid the stress that goes with them.
  • However, be wary of the fees involved. There can be high-interest levels to pay back that can be financially damaging in the long run.


6. Do A Garage Sale

  • Garage sales are a great way to earn some quick money and clear out your old stuff.
  • There’s nothing new here. Sort through your rooms, search through your attic and basement. You’ll almost certainly find an assortment of items that you no longer need or want. Other people may be willing to pay you for them.
  • Old clothes and electrical equipment are often best-sellers. Advertise your garage sale in the neighborhood, and start selling!


7. Do Online Surveys

  • Online surveys are an exceptionally easy way to make money online.
  • People have been using this to supplement their income for some time. Research companies need you to answer surveys and test out items. And they’ll pay you to do it.
  • You won’t get a lot. Expect a couple of dollars per survey. But there’s rarely a limit on how many you can do.


8. Recycle Your Old Mobile

  • Do you have an old mobile phone that you no longer use?
  • Consider selling it to second-hand phone shops.
  • Likewise, if it’s a smartphone you can use companies such as ecoATM. These guys have kiosks set up around the place that analyzes your old phone and its market value. They’ll offer you a price based on what they find.


9. Do Online Competitions

  • TV, radio and online competitions offer no-risk ways to (potentially) earn money and/or prizes.
  • Social media platforms are full of them. You’ll usually have to input some contact information, such as your email address. However, it’s otherwise a no strings attached chance of getting cash quickly.
  • Sure, there’s no guarantee you’ll ever win one. But some people win thousands of dollars in prize money every year.


Time To Grab Your Cash

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  • There you have it: 9 easy ways to get emergency money when you need cash quickly.
  • Times are tough and the financial situation of millions of Americans has rarely been worse. Getting access to money quickly is often crucial to dealing with an emergency predicament.
  • Hopefully, the information here has provided you with some idea on how to many some cash quickly.
  • Pawning your valuables, applying for day labor roles, doing medical trials, and selling your blood, all offer ways to get emergency cash. Likewise, online installment loans, garage sales, online surveys, selling your old phones and online competitions do the same.
  • Keep these options in mind if you’re ever in financial trouble!

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