7 Important Tips For Every Female Traveller For Staying Safe And Secured In The Hotel

February 7th, 2019   |   Updated on February 26th, 2019

According to statistics, two-thirds of the travellers today come from the female population. Many of these travellers opt to see the world by themselves. Travel agents reveal that women are more likely to fly solo as compared to males.

Despite the potential dangers that women face when they travel abroad, most of them still continue their passion to fly solo.


How Exactly Can A Lone Female Traveller Stay Safe?

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Crimes and other unfortunate events can strike any time and any place.

To minimise your risk of getting trapped in a perilous situation while you travel abroad on your own, you must take the necessary safety precautions. You need to know the essential personal safety techniques such as:

  • Avoid going through dark alleys, wastelands and other unnecessary shortcuts.
  • Keeping the volume of your music down especially while you walk in the streets.
  • Staying sharp, alert and attentive everywhere you go.
  • Avoid showing off your mobile gadgets or your cash in public.
  • Checking the political climate before travelling to your target destination.
  • Keeping your bags and luggage close to you at all times.

You must also how to keep yourself safe and secure while you’re inside the hotel.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to stay in a five-star hotel to enjoy luxurious amenities or book a few nights in an affordable and sociable type accommodation such as a hostel.

Here are the most important hotel safety tips practised by expert female travellers:

1. Leave The Door Open When You Inspect The Room

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When you get to the room, leave the door open by placing a chair or your luggage in front of it. Walk around to check for anything suspicious.

2. Double Check The Locks

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After checking the room, don’t forget to examine the locks.

Make sure that the door can be locked from the inside. If the door won’t lock properly call the front desk and politely request for a room transfer.

If there aren’t any available rooms, place a piece of heavy furniture against the door.

Alternatively, you can use a rubber doorstop. You can buy a rubber wedge before your scheduled trip abroad.


3. Never Publicize Where You Stay

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The last thing you want to do is to flaunt to the world that you’re staying in Room 2104 by yourself. At all cost, you must avoid discussing your hotel accommodation details over the phone. You must also avoid posting your blow-by-blow location updates on social media.

4. Avoid Rooms Located Near The Streets

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Rooms near the streets are more at risk of break-ins and burglary. If possible, request to get transferred to a room facing the hotel’s courtyard.


5. Keep The Windows Locked At Night


While most hotels are equipped with an AC system, others only come with fans. That’s why guests tend to leave their windows open at night.

This may be a safe option if your room is situated on a higher floor. However, if you’re on a ground floor room, it’s safer to keep the windows locked.


6. Never Let Strangers In

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Always ask for the name of anyone who knocks at the door. Unless you’re expecting a guest or requested for room service, it’s best to call the hotel front desk.


7. Safety In Numbers

Avoid being seen leaving and entering the hotel premises alone. Try to spot tourists who travel in groups, you can just walk alongside them when you leave or enter the hotel. No one will ever suspect that you don’t belong in the group.

Things To Remember Before Leaving Your Room

Before leaving your room for your scheduled trip around the city, make sure to follow the tips above:

  • Take note of the route whenever you go out of the hotel.
  • Carry the hotel’s business card, most especially if it’s your first time visiting the area.
  • Never leave your valuables and travel documents unprotected. Place them in the safe provided by the hotel.
  • Travel with a local phrasebook most especially if you will fly to a country that doesn’t speak your native language.
  • Pull the drapes before you the room so others won’t see that the room is empty.
  • If you’re not sure where to go, book a hotel shuttle service.


Trust Your Gut

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Our last tip is to always trust your instinct. If you feel that something’s not quite right in the guesthouse, hostel or hotel that you picked, it’s best to go to someplace else. We’re 100 percent sure that other more credible businesses can cater to your needs.

While there are some issues concerning safety for lone female travellers, it seems that nothing can stand in the way of an empowered and independent woman. Don’t let your fears stop you from seeing the beauty of the world. You can stay completely safe on your future trips abroad by following the hotel safety tips we shared above.