How To Improve Customer Cleaning Satisfaction In 3 Simple Key Points

Use Cleaning Agents

December 5th, 2018   |   Updated on April 14th, 2023

Many people might be good at cleaning their own homes that make them believe that they can do justice to office cleaning too, but this is far from correct. Office cleaning is different from home or household cleaning and needs special training and expertise to undertake the job.

Most importantly, there would be times when office cleaning is done when the office is fully operational, and it can be quite challenging to ensure that the office functions are not affected by the cleaning services of Count on Clean Brisbane, the commercial cleaning company.

Not only the professional cleaning company adheres to the standard of health and safety but also adopt the best practices thereby ensuring that cleaning creates a healthy and lively working environment.


Using human and environment-friendly cleaning products ensure that there is no threat to health because many cleaning products can cause allergies.

The professional office cleaners can select the best cleaning solutions for your office and create an inviting work environment that motivates employees to maximise their contribution thereby enhancing productivity.

An experienced office cleaner will discuss with you to understand your needs before suggesting the most appropriate cleaning methods that help to keep the office neat and tidy.

However, you may have some special needs that you can tell them so that they can include it in their cleaning plan. It would ensure that you achieve customized cleaning that gives great satisfaction.

1. Determine the frequency of cleaning

Regular House Cleaning:

How often you must engage professional cleaners depends on several factors. Besides the areas to be cleaned, shared office spaces need frequent cleaning whereas offices with defined work pattern and fewer staff would do well with weekly cleaning services. However, some work areas like the kitchen of a big office would need more than weekly cleaning schedules.


2. Identify the cleaning needs in detail

Office Cleaning

You must guide the cleaner in listing items that they have to clean instead of just giving them blanket cleaning instructions. Take the employees into confidence and seek their advice about how they want to get their desks cleaned and what else they want to include in their list for cleaning.

Should chairs and tables as well as computers and printers be a part of the list? Consider whether to include the windows for cleaning and plan for removal of trash too. Have a clear understanding of the cleaner so that you are happy with their services.


3. Environment-friendly cleaning products

Household Cleaning

It should never happen that the cleaning is good but leaves the environment polluted due to the use of harmful cleaning agents that can even affect health. Check the environmental and health policies of the cleaning company to ensure that they use only safe cleaning products. Also, discuss their disposal and recycling policies.

Even after discussing everything about your cleaning needs, something might be left out, and you would like to add it to the cleaning list later. Ensure that cleaner is ready to accede to your request because any good cleaning service company would be ready to go the extra mile to satisfy customers.