Ivanka Trump : Pictures Of The President’s Beautiful Daughter

President trump made his daughter, Ivanka Trump, say hello to the audience during his speech in north dakota. Trump told the crowd gathered that Ivanka had asked, ‘daddy, can I go with you?’ to which he said yes.

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The president bragged that ‘everyone loves Ivanka’ on the heels of a report that said gop leaders were annoyed she interrupted a meeting earlier in the day.

Here are Some pictures of the President’s beautiful daughter, Ivanka Trump :

Ivanka flashed a bright smile and waved as she stepped off Air Force One at Bismarck Municipal Airport

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Ivanka Trump proudly introduced her father, President Donald Trump, at Andeavor Refinery in Mandan, North Dakota

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The 35-year-old shared a kiss on the cheek with her father before he took the stage

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The first daughter seemed to be enjoying herself as she greeted the crowd at the airport

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Ivanka was traveling with her father to promote his tax overhaul pitch

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Ivanka happily chatted with the group as the made their way out of the airport after their arrival in North Dakota

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The first daughter looked thrilled to have accompanied her father on the trip

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Ivanka looked far gloomier when she stepped off Marine One at Joint Base Andrews earlier in the day

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Ivanka stepped out in an all-beige ensemble on morning, cinching in the waist of her outfit with a wide leather belt

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The mother-of-three kept a very straight face as she made her way out of the Washington, D.C. home she shares with husband Jared Kushner

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Ivanka made her way to a waiting SUV which was ready to whisk her to the White House, where she works as a senior adviser to her father

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Ivanka was photographed again looking a bit glum as she left her home last morning

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Ivanka seemed to have brightened up by mid-morning when she left the White House to head to Missouri alongside Gary Cohn and Rob Porter

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Ivanka and Jared whisked their three kids away to Camp David for a fun-filled weekend

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In addition to the price of the bike, Ivanka, and Jared, will have to pay $39 per month to access Peloton classes

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source : dailymail.co.uk, dailymail.co.uk

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