The Jewelry Buying Guide For Young Graduates

Guide For Young Graduates

June 29th, 2022   |   Updated on July 4th, 2022

There is a saying that we graduate into a new life when we graduate from college. This is a very true fact and almost everybody will agree with it.

This is because when we graduate, we are no longer insulated from the outside world and either we can come to terms with the new brave world, or we learn how to deal with it in accordance with our own terms.

It’s an ongoing battle that won’t stop until we retire from work. But remember the countless hours you spent at college and school was for this exact life, and now after graduation, it’s time to enjoy and work on the fruits of life.

And what’s more enjoyable than buying an item of jewelry as a celebration for entering a new life. You only graduate once in life from college, so you should celebrate this accomplishment.

Here are some jewelry ideas which can help you celebrate this occasion.

1. Simple Chains

It is a subjective choice, but since you have just graduated from college and, in all probability, are either on student loan debt or have very little money.

Considering the current US inflation at a decadal high, it is prudent that you save up as much money as possible. A simple Gold chain or Sterling Silver chain can be made look attractive, too, provided you do some tinkering with it.

Tinkering in the sense, you must add other accessories too in your overall look. Tanzanite earrings are an excellent choice to wear with Sterling silver chains, while blue Zircon stud earrings are a good choice to have with rose gold or gold chains.

Again this is a subjective choice since simple jewelry chains also need to be paired up with an attractive outfit too.

2. Zircon Bracelet

As a young woman, you might be inclined toward wearing Tanzanite jewelry items due to their bright blue color and fiery texture. But did you know that the Zircon stone found in Cambodia also has the same if not more fiery texture.

Not many women know this, but the blue Zircon is the world’s most fiery blue gemstone, and you can wear it as a pendant, tennis bracelet, tanzanite stud earrings, anklet, and others too.

However, if you are targeting a light yet chic look then go for the tennis bracelet one. A zircon tennis bracelet with some Strontium Titanate diamonds beaded alongside will go a long way into making your overall look a roaring success.

Zircon Bracelet

3. Cufflinks

What is a better way to commemorate one’s graduation ceremony than experiencing it with custom-engraved cufflinks. Cufflinks are a good way to express one’s happiness and achievement in one single frame.

You should consider buying Tanzanite jewelry items along with cufflinks because Tanzanite is an sober-colored blue stone which will elevate your status and enrich your overall look even further.

You can engrave it in many different ways, like your graduation marks, initials, favorite subject initials, and many more. Different women have different affections, and you, too, can create your own special moments with cufflinks.

You can also wear cufflinks to interviews, provided they are not vulgar, and on the plus side, it may help you open up to the interviewer too. But do remember to put the cufflinks in good jewelry boxes separate from each other after using them so that they do not get scratched.

This small and subtle item of jewelry called cufflinks are not exclusive to women, for there are various cufflinks available which can be worn by men too.

So in case you want to give your someone special a memento of the graduation ceremony, then cufflinks may be something you take into consideration.

4. Solitaire Rings

If you have saved some money by working part-time through college, then you may consider treating yourself with solitaire Tanzanite rings.

These rings are part of a premium range of solitaire rings and can make you feel very queen alike. This is because Tanzanite is a beautiful blue-colored stone, and when worn solely with the support of Sterling Silver materials, the color really glows.

This glow will also be evident in your overall look and is a guarantee for people to at least turn their heads once to see the ring. Such is the beauty of the Tanzanite gemstone.

5. Pendants

Pendants are still the go-to classical graduation ceremony celebration gift for many young women. This is for many reasons, but the primary is to highlight one;s favorite gemstone.

Most women have a dream to wear a Diamond pendant at their graduation ceremony since wearing it makes one feel royal class and high standard.

The central idea of how jewelry makes us feel and how others react to seeing us wearing them holds very high weight in cases like this.


Most young women would agree that they are in the age group where looks and perception of one’s looks matter the most. This is because of the generally intense competition among young girls about who looks the best in college.

Hence all their purchases, be it phones, outfits or even jewelry items, are influenced by this factor.