5 Things You Need To Know About TN Visas

Reasons Behind H1-B Visa Getting Denied

Published on August 13th, 2022

Tennessee is one of the most desirable locations to relocate to in the U.S. and continues to attract more immigrants.

Obtaining a Tennessee visa is an effective way of staying long-term in the stay, especially while waiting to become a citizen.

There are a few important facts to understand about Tennessee visas to ensure you’re prepared to apply for one.

1. Visas Don’t Expire For Up To Three Years

Once a visa in Tennessee is issued, they authorize the individual to stay in the state for up to three years.

There are a few factors that determine how long the visa is effective, which include the expected timeframe of the professional business that needs to be completed by the individual.

Employers can detail the time length of the employment that they’re offering when informing that state as the visa is issued.

It’s also possible to obtain an extension, which requires submitting Form I-129. You can request for your employer to submit the form to verify the additional amount of time that is needed to carry out the work.

The form can be filed at a designated point of entry or a preflight inspection station.

2. Only Certain Jobs Are Approved

Many people don’t realize that only some types of professions are approved with Tennesse visas, which means that not all workers are qualified.

The NAFTA professional list highlights approved jobs, including registered nurses, engineers, accountants, dentists, lawyers, landscape architects, and computer engineers.

However, not all job applicants need to match the professions included in the list. The jobs should be similar to the main categories to have a higher chance of being approved.

Not all applicants are approved, so hiring a legal professional to review the application before it’s submitted is necessary to reduce the risk of having it declined.

3. A Lawyer Can Expedite The Process

Hiring a TN visa lawyer can allow you to have a faster and smoother process of obtaining a visa.

The legal professional’s experience and knowledge will make it easier to navigate each step of the process and avoid making common mistakes that can threaten your ability to have your visa application approved.

A TN visa lawyer will review your details to determine the best visa to apply for and will discuss your long-term plans.

Applying for a visa is a complex and lengthy process, making it necessary to have the assistance of an expert who can help you tackle many of the challenges that can lead to delays.

The legal professional can also work closely with your employer to expedite the process because the employer must be the one to submit everything to the state.

4. Family Members Don’t Qualify

Although you may be approved and eligible for a visa in Tennessee, your family members and close relatives do not automatically qualify to enter the United States.

This includes spouses, siblings, children, and parents. Each family member that wants to join you in temporarily living in the country is required to apply for a B-1/B-2 Visitor visa. They can also obtain a visa for a transfer category, including the Visa Waiver Program.

There are many requirements for the TD visa, which include proving the individual has a parent or child relationship with the primary holder of the Tennessee Visa. All children must be under the age of 21 and unmarried, according to

5. Strong Applicants Are Rarely Rejected

Fortunately, there’s a low chance of being rejected for a Tennesee visa if you meet the main qualifications. If you’re rejected, you can choose to withdraw. Once your application is approved, it can be renewed indefinitely after three years, according to

The Tennesee visa requirements include being a citizen of Canada or Mexico, using a USCMA professional to provide proof of employment, matching the education and credential requirements of the position, and working part-time or full-time for the position. Those who work remotely don’t qualify for a visa, according to

After you gain more of an understanding of Tennessee visas, it can be easier to feel confident navigating the application process.

A legal professional will have your best interest in mind and can help you learn more about the process of securing permanent residence.