4 Things You Should Know Before You Move To Dubai

Things You Should Know Before You Move To Dubai

August 6th, 2018   |   Updated on May 25th, 2022

Was living in Dubai forever your dream? Did you always want to settle to beautiful metropolitan of luxury and lavish lifestyle? With all the real estate offers burgeoning, this dream can become a reality faster than you think. People from various cities and continents around the world are attracted towards this piece of land; due to the quality and comfort, it offers.

Although relocating to the Dubai can open new avenues of comfort and happiness for you, there are a few things you should be aware of before making this decision. If you learn few important tips, you will save yourself a lot of extra time and money spent on several things.

Move To Dubai

If migrating to Dubai is one of your plans, read ahead to know some of the problems you might face and how to overcome those. Depending on your culture, you may have a traditional shock due to differences in weather, spoken dialects of languages, religious practises and other social things.

Nevertheless, these are not the issues that cannot be solved. Dubai is a multicultural city and you can find diversity in all aspects of life and meet people from many different races. Before moving to Dubai, Know More.


1. Things You Should Know About The Economy Of Dubai


A very significant aspect of economy of Dubai is that it is not based on buying and selling natural resources; which is the key trade and commerce element in most countries. With time, the economy in Dubai has evolved greatly and systems have changed.

The current key sectors in economy of Dubai are real-estate, construction and building, banking and financial services, transportation and logistics, hospitality and hotel businesses are some of the most growing spheres in Dubai.

Apart from this, the important businesses from other countries are also vastly attracted to Dubai due to quality of infrastructure, abundance of opportunities and melting pot of global cultures. The tradition of multinational organizations working in Dubai is also constantly on a rise.


Therefore, regardless of the industry you work in, there is a high chance you can find an excellent job in any global conglomerate depending on your skill set and nature of professional experience. Dubai is a wonderful place to begin, establish, grow and evolve your career to unrivalled heights.

Moreover, your new network can also be of substantial help in reaching newer heights. Although immigrating can seem daunting at first but learning the key things about Dubai can help in generating greater rewards in the future.


2. Migrating To Dubai- The How’s And What’s

Know Before You Move To Dubai

To get properly settled in the city, it is very important to avail permanent residency to ease the process of renting and owning properties. The first step for immigration to Dubai should be securing a job. Only after you get a reasonable job, you will be eligible to apply for residence permit.

Once you get a residence permit, you can easily qualify for a work permit and be able to open a bank account. Residence permit can also assist in registering your car, acquiring a rented property and carry out a few other things necessary to live in Dubai.


3. Residency Visa In Dubai—What You Should Know

Know Before You Move To Dubai_Residency Visa In Dubai

There are diverse types of residency visas you can find in Dubai. Including:

  • Employment Visa
  • Investors Visa
  • Family Visa
  • Domestic Helper Visa
  • Student Visa

It is important to have a valid job offer or a well-established business and enough finances to run it in the city. Here is a list of documents you need to provide to make sure your residency permit is granted.

  • Copy of job permit from your company.
  • Permit of Employment issued by Ministry of Labour
  • Multiple photos of passport size
  • Copy and original passport
  • Application Fee


4. Make Sure You Have Your Medical Check-Ups Done

 Medical Check-Ups

One of the requirements you need to meet before getting a visa is medical check-up. You will be tested for being free with AIDS, TB, leprosy, and HIV to be granted entry in Dubai.

Once you get a work visa, you can directly apply for work permit. It is important for the employer hiring you to do all the necessary work. The work permit is supposed to be presented in Arabic.

Here are some of the things you require to get a work permit approval:

  • Required qualification
  • Passport with at least 6 months validity
  • Residency visa

These are some of the important things you need to submit to get a work/residency permit in Dubai. Make sure you have all the important documents available. You need to provide a valid proof of employment, a job offer, medical reports, proof of qualification necessary for holding a job. You should be free from any contagious diseases including HIV, AIDS and tuberculosis to be considered for residency in Dubai. Failing to provide any of those documents will result in ban from entering the city.