Know Why Timber Frame Homes Has Turned Into A Favorite

Know Why Timber Frame Homes

Published on September 17th, 2018

This is an age where home construction made of double-brick is not the only viable option. In fact, today most home builders are opting for construction made of timber over brick and for reasons good.

Although today there is no shortage in the availability of construction choices but below are some reasons why timber framing has turned into a favorite namely,

1. Faster Build Times

Know Why Timber Frame Homes

The weight of brick is more and needs larger footings so it requires being reinforced for withstanding the additional weight. In fact, the extra engineering required in the slab will add up to the cost. The truth is brick particularly double-brick will be cumbersome thereby extending build time at times beyond what is affordable for a homeowner.

Construction frames made of timber will not need extensive concrete footings. Besides the efficient methods and building materials used is quick as well as hassle free to erect.

2. Improved Insulation

Timber frame construction is made of appropriate materials that will help you in enjoying the perfect balance of insulation and heat retention. Irrespective of the hype, when the home is not situated ideally and made of brick, it will act as a poor insulator thereby making it unpleasant.

The timber frames, on the other hand, are tested for being effective both in hot and cold climates. All the walls in these homes both external and internal are highly insulated and will offer an insulation level beyond the minimum need.

3. Space Saving


We all know that brick is a material that is thick hence if you go for a construction that has a timber frame to clad the home you can save a lot of space because of the cladding width being comparatively thin. This, in turn, will make more room, especially in the home’s inside spaces.

Space saving is a big perk when building a home on small blocks especially in this era where it is considered to be a norm. To know more about timber frame homes, visit

4. Aesthetics and Design

The appearance indeed matters. It is the feel and looks of a finished product that makes the house in the true sense a home. Any construction that has a timber frame will be highly flexible compared to brick owing to its lightweight construction.

This way you can build as well as design almost anything that you desire paving the way for an intricate design which goes beyond the imagination. Besides timber will enable you in doing more when it comes to material choices as well as finishers. Although brickwork can be used for adding a different texture yet this can be pricey. So, it is best to render timber.

5. Cost

Know Why Timber Frame Homes_2

Brick can be quite costly for no extra perk. Also, it will take longer in comparison to a timber frame that is efficient and fast provided you possess standards and well-tested systems that are included already via your builder.

These are some of the reasons why timber frame homes are chosen over brick and steel. Try it to see the difference.