Do These Things To Make The Most Out Of Your Lisbon Trip

Lisbon Trip

June 8th, 2018   |   Updated on June 17th, 2021

Travelling to different parts of the world is a great way to enhance your knowledge and to learn on the go. Travelling also helps in reducing stress and in living the moment in a better way.

Lisbon Trip

Therefore, a lot of people choose travelling as a major part of the world. Lisbon is a beautiful city located in Portugal and is also the capital of the city.

Lisbon Trip

There are multiple things and places that this place offers to its visitors and if you too are planning to travel to Lisbon anytime soon, then you should give the below section a read. Here are few things that you should definitely do while you are on a trip Lisbon, Portugal.


1. Ride Tram 28

Ride Tram 28

There are two most renowned places for housing the tram lines in the world, one is San Francisco and the other one happens to be in the Lisbon.

Although, the best once out of all the rattling tramming lines in the world is the Tram 28 in Lisbon. The journey that this ride completes has a number of picturesque sights and visiting the same should surely be on your list.


2. Visit Sintra

Visit Sintra

Sintra is a neighbouring city of the Lisbon and is situated from about an hour long distance, but most of the tourists welcomed by Lisbon are also seen enjoying in the Sintra.

Visit Sintra

It is a weekend getaway spot for the people residing in Lisbon and all surrounding cities. There is a lot in Sintra city including the Sintra remains and the mountains.

3. Visit to the Bulwarks of St.George

Visit to the Bulwarks of St.George

St. George’s castle is undoubtedly the most visited and well known landmark of the city, Lisbon. The great citadel and the bulwarks of the castle are the best spots for getting yourself some aesthetic clicks.


4. Visit Oceanarium and go underwater

Visit Oceanarium and go underwater

This one’s for all the water babies that love the water as the blue water of this oceanary is sure to lure your heart and you would wish to stay here forever.

Visit Oceanarium and go underwater

Tagus Estuary is a huge oceanarium which harbours multiple underwater spots for you to enjoy. The inside of the oceanarium has multiple things and aspect related to the marine life which is able to attract over a million visitors every year. Apart from that you will get to say eels and the very cute penguins.


5. Take a ride to the east in Museo do Oriente

Take a ride to the east in Museo do Oriente

Some of the extremely interesting eastern regions like Sri Lanka and Goa are the places that attract a number of visitors. What if you can get to know about the same in Lisbon? For the same you will have to visit the museo do Oriente as it is a ride to Museo do Oriente.

Take a ride to the east in Museo do Oriente

These are few of the most interesting things that you can do in Lisbon. For travelling and reaching any of these destinations described above you can take the help of Lisbon airport transfers right from the airport. Also, the Lisbon airport transfers are easily accessible for travelling back to the airport from the destinations.