What Are the Main Types Of Hand Guns?

Types Of Hand Guns

August 14th, 2023   |   Updated on November 11th, 2023

You could be a gun collector, or someone looking to obtain their first firearm. Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

Handguns come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and types. Each type performs a specific function while also offering a variety of uses.

Not sure what you need? Then keep reading. Here are the main types of handguns.

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Pistols typically have a short barrel and smooth lining. This design provides a high rate of fire, allowing for multiple shots with relative accuracy.

Pistols come in many shapes and sizes, but the majority are semi-automatic, which use gun ammo like the 9mm luger ammo. This means that when the trigger is pulled, the slide cycles a fresh cartridge into the chamber for a subsequent shot.

They also generally operate on short recoil. This means that for each shot, a fraction of the gun moves backward, making it easier to maintain control and accuracy.


Revolver hand guns

Revolvers are cylindrical and house several rounds of ammunition. When fired, the cylinder rotates, and the fired round is ejected, enabling another round to line up with the barrel.

The advantage of revolvers is that they are generally more reliable and easier to maintain than automatic pistols. They also have higher capacity than most automatic pistols. This makes them appealing for sports shooting and self-defense.

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Derringers are small in size and have a single- or double-barreled design. They are typically used for self-defense due to their small size and ease of wielding.

The barrel of a derringer is usually no longer than 3 inches, and the gun length usually does not exceed 6 inches. Because this type of firearm is so small, they are often used as a backup gun for police, military, and security personnel.

Despite their small size and limited capacity, derringers can pack a punch and be deadly if used incorrectly. This type of firearm is also popular as a novelty item and is made in many different colors and materials.

Single-shot Pistols

Single-shot Pistols

Single-shot pistols are a type of handgun that relies on a single chamber, as opposed to a magazine. These pistols usually feature a hinge or removable barrel, which allows the shooter to manually open the action to access the chamber.

Generally speaking, single-shot pistols are less powerful than modern double-action or semi-automatic weapons. But they are lighter due to their simpler design, making them ideal for use in backpacking applications and long hikes.

Machine Pistols

Machine pistols are a type of handgun that operate with a pistol grip and a magazine capability. They are smaller than regular pistols and cycle rounds faster due to their automatic firing capabilities.

They are used by military and law enforcement personnel for rapid firing in close-quarters combat scenarios. They are also popular with civilians for recreational purposes, such as target shooting.

For those who favor the rapid-fire capabilities of machine pistols and are looking to enhance accuracy, exploring AK Optics could significantly improve your targeting precision, especially for firearms that accommodate such attachments.

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Which Type Of Hand Guns Do You Prefer?

There is a wide variety of hand gun types available in the market. So if you’re interested in owning a handgun, you need to do your research and determine which type of hand guns best suits your needs.

Just remember to be responsible before buying a gun. Research more about shooting a gun and gun safety in your state before you make your purchase.

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