Keep Your Pool Party-Ready: Simple Ways To Maintain A Pristine Pool

Published on September 7th, 2023

Having a pool is a delightful luxury that offers countless hours of relaxation and pleasure.  However, even the most picturesque pool can turn into a chaotic mess if not managed and maintained appropriately.

To ensure that your custom pool continues to be a delightful oasis, we’ve gathered a collection of smart hacks and tips to keep it in pristine condition and always ready for a refreshing dip.

Shock The Water Regularly

Shocking the water helps get rid of contaminants while oxidizing organic materials that cause cloudy water and other issues.

Use a pool shock product weekly or biweekly, depending on usage. Broadcast the shock evenly over the water and allow it to dissolve overnight.

Make sure to shock the water after heavy rains, large gatherings, or any event that adds a higher-than-normal amount of contaminants.

Maintaining Your Pool Equipment

Taking good care of your pool equipment is crucial to ensuring it serves you well over the long term and operates efficiently.

It’s important to routinely examine and clean the salt water chlorinator cell to eliminate any debris that could hinder their performance.

Furthermore, check that the pool’s circulation system is functioning without any issues and perform backwashing of the filter as necessary.

When it comes to more complex equipment maintenance, like repairing or replacing parts, it’s highly recommended to seek the expertise of a professional pool technician.

This approach helps prevent any potential errors or mishaps that could occur when attempting intricate repairs on your own.

Brush Sides And Bottom Weekly

Use a pool brush at least once a week to remove built-up dirt, bacteria, and other debris from the pool’s sides and bottom.

Pay extra attention to the water line area, where residue can be collected. Thorough brushing will keep surfaces spotless. Be sure to use a brush specifically designed for pool use.

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Skimming And Cleaning

The skimmer and pump baskets trap leaves, bugs, and other debris as water circulates through the pool’s filtration system.

Check and empty both the skimmer basket (by the pool) and the pump basket (inside the pump) to reduce restrictions and help free up the water flow.

If left too long, overflowing baskets can clog pipes and prevent proper water circulation.

Protect Water When Not In Use

Extend the lifespan of your pool by correctly preparing it for the winter months. Prior to the arrival of winter weather, it’s essential to conduct a thorough cleaning of your pool.

This includes balancing the water chemistry, lowering the water level, and removing all pool accessories.

Investing in a high-quality pool cover is a wise move to shield your pool from debris and the harsh elements that winter can bring. Additionally, it’s important to take precautions against freezing.

This can involve tasks like draining and purging the plumbing lines or employing a pool heater to maintain the water temperature.

As the summer season approaches and you’re ready to enjoy your pool once more, make sure to get it in prime condition for its grand reopening.

Check The Motor And Pump

Issues with pool equipment can go unnoticed until something breaks down. Make it part of your weekly routine to inspect the motor, pool pump, filters, and hoses.

Look and listen for problems like leaks, odd noises, or other troubling signs. Most importantly, do a full check of the mechanical systems each spring before the prime pool season hits.

By following these easy tips for maintenance both in and around your pool, you’ll be able to keep the water clean, clear, and ready for swimming at any time.

A pristine pool is perfect for any season, especially on hot days, and looks much more inviting when it’s time to host family and friends.

Stay diligent with your care regimen, and you’ll be rewarded with a backyard oasis all season long.