AdWords Ad Scheduling: Use It To Optimize Your Ad Campaign

AdWords Ad Scheduling2

Published on May 21st, 2019

Have you heard about Google AdWords’ Ad scheduling? If you’ve been running your Google Ads account a few months or more, it is time to see what times and days provide the most value to your business. Ad schedules are set at the campaign level and direct Google when to run your campaigns.

Simply put, your ads won’t run during times outside the range you specify. Unless you have a compelling reason to use an ad schedule, or data to verify your ads are not effective at certain times – don’t use one! Ad schedules limit the reach of your ads.

You may be paying top dollar at peak hours of the day when your ad could be better served at other times of the day. Luckily, AdWords allows you to set up Ad Schedule Bid Adjustments. Here are 6 best times to use ad schedule bid adjustments.

Ad scheduling is a key part of an effective advertising strategy. If you aren’t regularly optimizing your ad scheduling, you can easily end up spending too much on the wrong clicks…and too little on the right ones.


Main Features Of Google AdWords’ Ad Scheduling

AdWords Ad Scheduling


Google AdWords ad scheduling is beneficial in many extents.


Listed Here Are The Top Features Of The Ad Scheduling:

AdWords Ad Scheduling

1. Google AdWords ad scheduling allows bulk editing. This even makes your ad scheduling a lot easier. Online advertisers can define the time of the appearance of their ads within a specific day. The ad schedule can be applied to every day of the week. This can be done simply by editing your campaign settings.


2. Google ad scheduling lets you reach your potential customers. You can opt to schedule your AdWords ads on highly trafficked times. You can set your ads on the business hours of your target location.


3. Google AdWords ad scheduling gives the online advertisers control when switching to advance mode in ad scheduling. Online advertisers take control of the amount to pay during the bids. They can bid for a higher position only during the specified time in the ad schedule.

AdWords Ad Scheduling Ads


4. One important reminder in Google AdWords ad scheduling is that the time is based on your location’s time zone. The schedule you have set for your ads will make your ads appear on the Google search results within the time frames you have specified in your own time zone. So if your target customers are not within the same time zone as you are, set the appearance of your ads within your target customers’ time zone.


5. Google AdWords ad scheduling needs testing to see if your set schedule for the appearance of your ads is right. After some testing and analysis, online advertisers will be able to maximize the benefits of Google AdWords ad scheduling. After all, Google ad scheduling may or may not work right for your website or online business depending on your chosen schedule. It is recommended that you take several testing first before you take Google AdWords ad scheduling seriously.

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