Website Copywriting Mistakes That Cost You Sales, Clients

Website Copywriting

Published on May 22nd, 2019

Your website is your 24/7 salesperson and your websites copywriting should be one of the best tools in your arsenal when it comes to increasing the number of clients. It is your digital storefront that customers and prospects depend on when researching your brand online. And if you’re doing it right, your website can be the best and most accessible sales tool you can provide these visitors. If you aren’t writing copy that’s specifically tailored to your audience, you are going nowhere.

The value of successful website copywriting can’t be overstated, as the only constant is good content. Good copywriting satisfies two of your website’s most important audiences: the search engine and the customer. Websites with great content add value not only to their business’ reputation but also to their industry.

Good copywriting is written for SEO. It is engaging, friendly, purposeful, and shareable to your readers. You know you’ve done your content well if you’re seeing an increase in your traffic.

SEO copywriting means writing search engine friendly content. Before a customer even arrives at your website, you can help boost the chance of your site ranking higher in a search engine by writing copy that appeals to the search engines. To master the art of web copywriting, you can buy these powerful books.

Copy attracts the search engines that drive traffic to your site. But that’s not all. It’s also the vehicle that converts a prospect into a customer. Once you’ve attracted customers to your site, you’ll want to keep and convert them. Grab the attention of customers with a strong copy.


What Copywriting Mistakes To Avoid

Website Copywriting Mistakes That Cost You Sales, Clients 3

Here are the most common copywriting mistakes that you should avoid in writing your website copy:

  1. Dull Appeal
  2. Me and Myself
  3. The Guessing Game
  4. Has Anybody Tried It Before?


1. Dull Appeal

Some website copy is just so dull. It doesn’t excite the online users, thus, it isn’t expected to attract anyone. What makes a copy boring? If it is written in a very formal tone. An interesting copy, on the other hand, is one that is conversational in tone. It makes reading easier. It is interesting until the end. Some copies are interesting on the first part but lose its magnetic pull on the later part. If you want to guide your readers to finish your sales piece and go on with purchasing, you should maintain high interest all throughout website copy.


2. Me And Myself

Don’t write a website copy that is all about you. Instead of focusing on your company, products, and services, focus on your readers. Tell your readers what they want to know. Tell them what you have in store for them. They should know immediately what benefits they will get if they continue reading your website copy.


3. The Guessing Game

If you are writing a sales copy, don’t let your readers guess what you want them to do. You should have a clear call to action. After igniting their interest in your products and services, you should tell them how they can get hold of them.


4. Has Anybody Tried It Before?

Website Copywriting Mistakes That Cost You Sales, Clients 3

Having testimonials in your website copy builds the credibility of your online business. If you don’t include testimonials in your website copy, your readers won’t be able to fully trust your products and services. Isn’t it more convincing to try something which has been tried by others and with positive effects on them? The mindset of the readers will be: if these products and services have been beneficial to others, it might have the same effects as me!

These are the common website copywriting mistakes that you should avoid at all times. The website copy is the deciding factor whether your site visitor will purchase your products and services or not. Because of this, you must make the most out of your website copy.

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