How Can SEO Copywriting Become Your Website’s Savior Without The Cape?


September 8th, 2018   |   Updated on May 9th, 2019

What do Google and good business have in common? That is such a random question, isn’t it? Well, it appears that they might have a few things in common, but they both want the users to be happy.

While Google might wish the user to find relevant pages and useful content more efficiently, a good business is more likely to help their target customers with actionable information. That does not sound so bad.

In fact, it almost seems like both Google, and your company might have something in common – satisfying the visitors. Then, why does it look like every other website is fighting against the algorithm changes and optimization requisites Google puts forth?

When does Google become the bad cop, who is trying to limit the traffic to your site? Why is every brand manager and e-commerce site owner scared of Google’s whimsical updates?


Over the years, websites have made it difficult for users to find useful content. Some sites don’t even have a genuine copy. Users got tired of the re-spun content and its gross lack of value.

As the Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird updates came into action over the next couple of years, the internet became a better place for the regular users and customers.

However, several good businesses became the collateral. Even with good-quality, original content, it became difficult for many websites to garner respectable traffic and climb the SRLs.

That made every webmaster, blogger and e-commerce site owner wonder what the secret of the top sites was that remained unaffected by the changes in the algorithms.


1. What Is The Secret Magic Of SEO Copywriting?


Several signals determine page rank and search engine optimization. According to the experts at R1 SEO, it is one of the lead determinants of the traffic and page ranks.

It is indeed a specialized form of copywriting that helps with page visibility, dwell time and conversion rate.

Here Are A Few Magic Tricks Seo Copywriting Can Pull –

  1. This form of copywriting contains all the keywords and key-phrases your target user is looking for right now.
  2. It has the ranking signals that boost the position of the page higher in the search result list.
  3. It acts as a traffic-magnet. SEO copywriting drives quality traffic that boosts conversion rates.

Now, you could think that SEO copywriting is just great content, but that isn’t the case! It is a lot more than regular content writing, and every website now needs SEO content to survive the online rat race.


2. Great Writing Begins With In-Depth Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Before you start any project, you need to start laying down the objectives. The objective of any site owner should be to make the website more accessible to the users and to provide high-quality content.

Your website content should be easy-to-read. Unlike regular website content, SEO copywriting serves two masters.

While site content usually serves the search engine bots or the human users, SEO copy caters to the needs of both the bots and the human readers.

It pays attention to the keyword strategies. Keyword research is the first step of any good copy. Without enough research, it will be impossible to meet the demands of any user. First, you will need to access the list of keywords pertinent to your niche.

There are millions of keywords, but your industry or company does not use all of them. Next, you need to understand the relationship between traffic volume and keyword size.

You don’t need to be a psychic, but you need to come up with a great list of keywords that your audience is more likely to use.

Look into a suggested list of terms for related sites and leading keyword options for businesses like yours. Running your research with the help of tools will fast-track and streamline the process.

Using the combination of keywords, synonymous keywords, long-tailed key phrases and low-volume keywords can boost your copywriting process. Do not forget to keep an eye on your competitors to learn about their keyword choices for the season!

Next, it is the responsibility of the site administrator to construct landing pages that inform and excite. While it should clarify what the site is about, it should also excite the user to travel further. The trend of landing pages is gradually coming back with a bang.

The sole purpose of one is attracting the visitors with the help of relevant keywords. For example – you have a salon business, and you want people in Perth to know about you when they look for hair spa, hair straightening, manicure, pedicure and facial massages.

Now, you have to select a score of keywords based on your businesses and location to become visible to the interested audience.

The landing page of your website can be a dedicated page that has subscription options and registration options. Or, it could be another blog post optimized for several related keywords for the industry.

Each landing page should have navigation options that take the user to the blogs, product pages or other parts of the site.

Moreover, you cannot expect to have a landing page for every keyword. A keyword cannot become a topic. SEO copywriting needs to have a theme relevant to the business that can include the keywords and become the landing page for your site.


3. How To Write The Perfect SEO Copy?


Once the keyword research is complete, you can take a little break. It is time for scaling another mountain – actually writing the piece.

To make the process simpler, expert SEO copywriters break the process down into three easy steps – preparing, writing and editing.

In reality, the preparatory stage takes between 40% and 50% of the work, the writing stage takes about 10% to 20% of the world, and the editing takes about 40% to 50% effort.


4. Preparation


Planning takes 40% of the effort! There is no way you should skimp on the prep time, or you will pay dearly with your traffic and ROI. Without chalking the actions and objectives out it is impossible for the copywriter to create a value-adding piece.

Take time to decide what you want to write and how you want it to read. Writing a smart, and smooth piece of content might seem natural for someone, who has not done it before. However, the process takes considerable deliberation.

Here Are A Few Questions That Might Bring You Closer To Your Goal –

  1. What is the purpose of this SEO copy?
  2. Whom do you want to reach through this piece?
  3. What is the central message of this content?
  4. What is the structure of the information you want to present in the article?


5. Writing

Moleskine smart writing set notebook with smart pen

Once you have the answers to all four questions, you need to give a couple of hours to write the piece. At this point, we assume that you already have your research, keyword lists, content intent, ideas and messages in place.

With that in mind, it should not take you more than one day to finish writing the hallmark SEO copy of your life.

Sadly, not all of us can be Ernest Hemmingway, but we can only try. Re-read the blogs, newspaper articles, magazine cover stories and novels that inspire you.

Find the narrative tone you like and stick to it. Writing might not be second nature for everyone, but it is possible for anyone to improve without enough practice.

Good writing is also about reading. If the piece is long, you need to take a break once in a while and go through what you have already written. It will help you find the silly mistakes, weird sentences and syntax errors that are otherwise difficult to notice.

If you are new at writing, you need to ensure that the copy is readable. If necessary, ask your friend or kids to read it out loudly. Ease of readability provides higher conversion rates.


6. Editing

Credit Score Screen

It is a phase for the bravest among the brave! Editing can turn any pulp story into a classic. The real power lies in the hands of the editor, and you need to take that role now. Once your blog or website content is complete, it is time to hack away.

Read, re-read and re-re-read that stuff you have in your hands. It is the time to take care of the final spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and the awkward constructions. Double check the numbers and verify the stats. You do not want to leave any loose ends over here.


Last But Not The Least

SEO copywriting is a lot like composing content for a site or writing a blog, but it has the technical prowess that they do not. It is always an ongoing process since it needs to alter a little with the changing trends in SEO.

Moreover, the keywords and their uses keep modifying, so you need to keep updating your collection of blogs and content anchoring the traffic from the web.

You cannot become an expert at SEO, content development, keyword research and copywriting at one go. So, having a little assistance from the experts always help.
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