Benefits Of Utilizing Negative Keywords In AdWords Campaigns

Negative Keywords

Published on May 28th, 2019

Why is it important to use negative keywords on Google AdWords campaigns? Negative keywords will prevent your ad from appearing on a publisher’s website if the negative keywords you choose are included in the search phrase that Google uses. Remember that the search phrase is what Google uses to match ads and contents.

Another advantage of using negative keywords on your Google AdWords campaigns is that it helps reduce the number of unqualified links. Negative keywords help control the number of click throughs – especially the ones which would not be converted to sales.

The use of negative keywords on your Google AdWords campaign helps increase the click-through rate of your ads. If you use negative keywords, there will a smaller number of online users that will be able to view your ads without clicking. And you know what higher Click through Rate or CTR means, right? It means higher ad position without having to increase your pay per click bids.

Web marketers and online advertisers must be very careful though in using negative keywords. The negative keywords you use will be applied to all the ad groups in your Google AdWords campaign. So consider using only the most possible negative keywords to avoid causing negative effects on your Google AdWords campaign.


How Negative Keywords Work

Negative Keywords

For instance, your website provides marriage consultancy and you use consultancy as one of your broad keywords, it is important that you specify what keyword phrases do not apply to your consultancy service. You can use divorce consultancy as one of the negative keywords. When you do this, nobody searching for divorce consultancy will be able to see your ads and therefore, you reduce the number of click-throughs that are not convertible to customers.

If you provide website services but does not offer website design, you should specify it in your negative keywords in case you use website as one of your general keyword terms. This way, no one seeking for website design will land on your website.

Negative keywords give your ads only the most targeted site traffic – and only the traffic that has the potential to be converted to customers. Remember only to be very careful in the choice of negative keywords.