These Banner Ads Examples Will Help You Learn How To Optimize Your Banners For The Web

Banner Ads

Published on May 30th, 2019

A banner ad is a rectangular internet display advertising format, which when optimised properly, can drive visitors to a post-click landing page. Think about the purpose of your banner ad and design it accordingly. Lets us give you few banners ads examples. There are ads to generate traffic to your site. You can have a banner ad to improve conversion or build brand awareness. Different banner ads need different optimization.

Make sure you have defined the purpose of your banner ad. The photo used in the banner ad should be unique and eye-catching. It should also be clearly built with the intention to tell your potential visitors what it is all about.

You can easily improve your banner ad design by optioning for a simple, clean layout that is easy on the eyes. A good banner ad must be optimized for the four C’s:

  • Catchiness: Does it catch the eye?
  • Clarity: Is the value proposition clear?
  • Creativity: Does it stand out from all the boring ads on the internet?
  • Clickability: Does it compel the viewer to click?

When it comes to the goal and purpose of your banner ad, you can’t underestimate the role copywriting plays. Creative writing has wide applications in digital marketing, including banner ads. The purpose and what is the message you are trying to convey could be done through good copywriting.

It is important to keep the copy un-cluttered, having no flashing or flickering designs. A lean, limited and strong copy works well.

Do You Want To Know How To Optimize Your Banner Ad For The Web? Here Are Few More Examples:

Banner Ads

1. Target The Banner Design

Targeted banner ads are more likely to generate a higher click-through rate compared to other ads. In targeting, you need to consider the website by which you want the banner ads to appear. The banner ads must be in coordination with the website. The look and feel of the website must be the same with the banner ad.

There are cases, however, when strong contrast is more advisable. If you don’t want to have the same feel with the website you are placing your banner ads on, at least achieve a strong contrast. This will draw attention to your banner ad.

2. Animation

Animated banner ads are more attractive than static ones. They will draw more attention compared to other ads. Animation techniques that usually help get banner ads noticed are blinking and moving.

Animated banner ads are more likely to be clicked, thus, giving the advertiser higher chances of getting higher conversion rate and online sales.

3. Compelling Copy

In writing the ad copy for your banner ads, consider using words that are simply irresistible – words like free, discounted, hurry, limited and more. These words attract attention. They also encourage online users to act immediately. This increases click-through rate or CTR significantly.

4. Keep The Size Small

A large file banner ad reduces the loading speed of a page. Some online users will not wait for the page to load, they will simply leave. When this happens, you lose banner ads viewers who can be potential customers.

As much as possible, make your banner ads’ size small to facilitate fast loading. And some websites require size limit in banner ads – this is to ensure that the loading speed of the page is not compromised.

These optimisation techniques will help you come up with a compelling and effective banner ads that will bring more customers to your website and eventually bring in towering online sales. Consider these optimisation techniques before you start your banner ad campaigns to ensure that your efforts are not put in vain.