4 Blog Strategies To Help Bloggers Save Time

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Published on May 29th, 2019

Blogging is an excellent way to keep your customers informed, at the same time, there’s nothing worse than a blog that hasn’t been updated regularly. You want to make a dent in the online world through quality content. But creating quality content demands time and efforts. What is an effective blog strategy to create quality content, at the same time, which could help you save time?

Blogging attracts many site owners because of its many benefits. But when they start thinking about the time that they should spend on the blog, some of them simply dish out the idea. They want to get the benefits of blogging but they don’t want to spend more than 10 hours in their computers just blogging.

Bloggers need to write quality content to post on their blogs, they have to build incoming links, market the blog to get more traffic and higher search engine ranking, join forums to promote the blog, and the list of tasks goes on. The tasks can all be time-consuming. Before they know it, bloggers have already spent several hours on the computer.

Some site owners forget about blogging because of the “time” factor. They simply don’t have the luxury of time to sit for 10 hours simply blogging. Actually, there are several blogging strategies that bloggers can use to minimise the time spent on blogging. These strategies will minimise the time but not the effectiveness of the blog.

Blog Strategies


Here are some of the blog strategies that bloggers can use to get more tasks done in minimal hours:

1. Organize Everything In Your Blog

It is crucial that you have everything in order. You should keep a list of all important sites or directories that you have to submit your blog too. So instead of browsing for directories, you already have a ready list. This will save you time. Also, organize your email. This will help you find items related to your blog easily. You can also keep a list of the topics that you want to write about. This will save the time you spent on brainstorming. Another thing is to keep a list of all resources that can help you write your post better.

2. Organize Your Ideas

One of the biggest challenges most writers encounter is thinking of ideas and topics to write about. Writer’s block is common to most bloggers. Ideas often come to us at unexpected times and in unusual ways. Ideas can come to us while taking a walk, playing video games or even chatting with friends. You need to organize your ideas.

3. Take Time To Create A Content Plan

Aside from writing down ideas, take time to create a content plan. Your content plan should be in the form of a calendar. It is where you will track types of post you will create and when you will publish each one.

4. Use Blogging Tools

There are several blogging tools that can help bloggers manage their blogs easily. If you are using Firefox, you can take advantage of the Scribefire. This is a Firefox extension that allows bloggers to write about something that they are currently browsing. This makes blogging a whole lot easier and not to mention, it saves bloggers a huge amount of time.

Bloggers don’t have to spend so much time making their blogs effective. These blogging tips here will give them the same benefits of working 10 hours on the blog, although with less time spent.