How To Choose The Materials And Business Card Stock Matter Significantly

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Published on January 15th, 2019

The primary objective of a business card is to create an immediate and memorable impact on the recipients so that a conversation can be started in future.

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Therefore, to make your business card impressive and effective, you will need to focus more on the material and card stock of it. Apart from the material of the card you must also focus on a few other aspects such as:

  • The shape
  • The form
  • The design and design process
  • The thickness of the card or card stock and
  • The features to include in your design.

You must also consider the plethora of options to choose from when it comes to the finish of your business cards. These options include:

  • The cut outs
  • The presses
  • The emboss or de-boss feature
  • The feel
  • The color and lots more.

However, you must remember that when it comes to the choice of features and finish of your business cards, a lot depends on the type of clients you want to tap and of course your print budget.

The secret here is that you should not go overboard in any aspect whether it is for choosing the information to include or the type of business cards you want. Instead, you should think about all the physical attributes that should be in your card so that it makes your brand much stronger.

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Experts recommend a few design processes to follow to ensure that that your business card is effective and at the same time is different from the others.

  • You will be better off and your card will be more effective and easy to remember of you select a couple of special elements that are well thought and will work well together with the information provided to emphasize your brand.
  • Less is always more nowadays especially in designing a card or even a website. A blank space does not only look a business card more attractive but at the same time it provides space to note down a specific phone number or any other short notes.
  • When you plan for your card design, you must consider the kind of paper to use as well as the color and finish such as embossing, gold leafing or others.
  • If you want to really differentiate yourself from others, you can choose something different from the traditional rectangular shape of your business card. However, you should be practical about it and consider the storing aspect of your card in a card holder or in a wallet.

Remember, more you customize the card materials, the more expensive it becomes. Therefore keep the cost factor in mind when you place an order to JoinPrintAU or any other professional printer for that matter.

As for the printing considerations, remember that changing dimensions is technically easier and cheaper for the printers to diminish the card size rather than go up in size. Lastly, print with bleed as printing is never 100% perfect. Usually, all printers require a 3mm bleed. This will help to go beyond the edge of the design and keep the information in the ‘safe area.’