4 Key Aspects To Understand About Medical Negligence And Malpractices

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March 13th, 2019   |   Updated on March 5th, 2020

Hospitals, medical facilities, physicians, and other professionals working in the health industry are currently experiencing criticism from members of the public and mainstream media as well.

This is because medical negligence and malpractices are on the rise. Medical negligence and malpractice have been known to have devastating effects on the victims and their families.

Most of the victims of medical negligence are faced with an extreme task of dealing with the mounting medical bills.

Medical Billing Service Provider

Others have to come to the reality that their lives will never be the same again and they may not be able to live an independent life. Therefore, medical negligence and malpractice is a dreaded experience to any person.

However, it is important to understand some of the situations that qualify as medical negligence so that you can file for compensation.

A huge number of people have petitioned the court to intervene in their cases and have already been compensated. These are some of the aspects that may qualify as medical negligence in the United States.


1. Failure To Diagnose Impending Heart Attack

sick woman with sudden heart attack symptom

Heart attack is one of the leading diseases in the United States. However, medical facilities have not been able to reverse the trends of deaths resulting from a heart attack and associated medical conditions.

One of the best methods of dealing with a heart attack is checking for all the necessary signs and symptoms of a heart attack.

If the doctor did not conduct the required tests using a standard medical procedure, they are liable for medical negligence.

If you had highlighted some of your concerns to the doctor such as shortness of breath, chest pains, and stomach pain but the doctor failed to act accordingly, they are liable for medical negligence, and you can petition the court for compensation.


2. Failure To Diagnose Cancer

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Recent studies show that some cancerous conditions such as breast cancer and skin cancer can easily be treated if discovered at an earlier stage. Technology has made a major step towards treating cancer, which means that doctors should do anything within their limits to try and check any signs of cancer.

If you feel that your doctor did not diagnose cancer despite all the observable symptoms, failed to follow lab tests or order appropriate tests, you can consider suing for medical negligence.

A considerable number of medical practitioners are already answering cases of medical negligence by failing to diagnose their patients with cancer at an earlier stage when an individual had an opportunity to solve the problem.

According to Steinberg Goodman & Kalish, Personal Injury Attorneys, all healthcare providers have been obligated by the law to provide appropriate and adequate treatment, failure to which they will be liable for medical negligence.


3. Prescription Medication Error


Some hospitals have already been accused of prescription medication error where medical professionals have administered the wrong drug to a person through errors of omission, commission, and accidental acts of medical negligence.

Prescription medication errors have resulted in severe medical conditions such as seizures and sometimes even death.

Some of the common prescription medication errors include overdosing, equipment failure, incorrect prescriptions, and failure to properly read and interpret patient’s charts.

If you have sufficient proof that medical personnel did not follow the right procedure when administering prescription medication, you can sue for medical negligence.


4. Anesthesia Errors

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A considerable number of patients suffer anesthesia injuries, most of which are caused by mechanical error and human error. People have previously died from anesthesia mistakes while others have lifetime injuries.

An anesthesiologist has been accused of causing anesthesia errors, especially when they are administering anesthetic drugs in a hurry.

Anesthetic errors have been attributed to situations where hospitals want to cut corners by using a single anesthesiologist in a populated medical facility.

This amounts to medical negligence, and you need to sue for compensation. In extreme cases, anesthesia errors can lead to death while others lead to permanent disability and increased medical bills.

Petitioning the court for compensation may not return your loved one, but it may cater to the necessary medical bills when your loved one is injured.

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