20 Most Famous Photographs Around The World Will Leave You Speechless

National Geographic Nature Photography Contest

Published on November 24th, 2020

1. When Hubble Deep Field discovered 100s of galaxies

2. A father and  his 4-year-old son reunited after 55 days

3. When Jewish refugees realized they weren’t being sent to their deaths

4. The orange Sossusvlei sand dunes in Namibia


6. During a tragic event in Thailand, one of the rescuers takes a break.

7. Sunset on Mars, year 2005, taken by the Spirit rover

8. This is a World Cup Match. Look how Peter Schemeichel is while watching his son Casper saving a penalty against Croatia.

9. Nazi rally at Nuremberg in 1937

10. She is out of the ICU after 24 days. Pure happiness!

11. “My Dad surprised my Mom for their 30th anniversary and had a bench dedicated to her at the park where they always walk together.”

12. Man uses the suicide hotline on the Golden Gate Bridge

13. This Lithuanian man accidentally killed an eight year old

14. These women don’t know that a homeless man is sleeping outside the restaurant in Milwaukee

15. Tsunami devastated Japan in 2011

16. “From utter loss to pure happiness.”

17. Son waking up his alcoholic father

18. A teen celebrates after being awarded at an event for women with special needs.

19. This soldier is going to defuse a car bomb in Northern Ireland

20. A maiko bowling in Kyoto, Japan. Year: 1964