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Kabir Singh Full Movie

April 14th, 2020   |   Updated on February 12th, 2022

This Sandeep Vanga directorial is a remake of the 2017 Telugu movie Arjun Reddy.

The plot revolves around an alcoholic surgeon battling temper issues. Things get worse as he watches the love of his life marry another man.

High on emotions coupled with impressive action the film promises an intense watch.

Kabir, a genius yet hostile house surgeon, falls in love with Preeti, a first-year student.

When Preeti’s father spots the couple kissing, he opposes their relationship and decides to get her married.

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Movie Reviews: “Kabir Singh”

Reviews: Entertainment Times/Times Of India

Meet Kabir Singh – the kind of boyfriend, who is aggressive, obsessive and would go to any extreme for his girl.

He is all in or nothing at all. As a senior and a topper in one of Delhi’s most reputed medical institutes, he wields immense power.

Thanks to his lethal anger issues, there are few who would want to mess with him.

By his own admission, he becomes a rebel with a cause as soon as he sees his junior in college Preeti (Kiara Advani). For him, it is love at first sight.

But this is far from a meet cute romance, with mush gush and the regular romantic toppings.

It immediately gives Kabir’s unsettled and self-destructive streak a reason to manifest.

Thus, begins the real journey of his character into the deep dark abyss of chasing the love of his life.

Shahid’s performance lets the character get away with a lot of vices like womanizing, drug addiction, alcoholism and brash male toxicity.

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Reviews: Thehindu

Having watched and balked at Arjun Reddy for its celebration of a misogynistic, infantile bully of a hero, Kabir Singh felt like a doubly suffocating experience.

One that makes you feel violated. Devdas at least had the headstrong Paro and graceful Chandramukhi, two beholden women alright but with personalities of their own, to bring some sense of balance to the man-woman game.

Here the woman is denied any agency whatsoever. She is a property, marked and owned by the man.

She will meekly follow him wherever he takes her, eyes always down, is masochistic in allowing herself to bear with his violent ways.

While the soulful ditty in the background plays “tujhpe hi to mera haq hai (I have the right on you)”. He is the protector and the saviour.

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Reviews: Hindustan Times

Shahid Kapoor does well to play Kabir like a hand-grenade who lost his pin hours ago.

He’s always seething, even on the football field, and I hoped this film would dissect the performative aggression popularised in children by sporting icons like Virat Kohli, (complete with repeated use of that unimaginative swearword that makes the curser appear like he’s invoking Ben Stokes), but no such luck.

Kabir mouths off to the dean, proprietorially stakes his claim on a girl he stares at, and bullies anyone in his path as he moves her into the boys’ hostel.

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