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3 Natural Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

Natural Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

June 12th, 2018   |   Updated on May 25th, 2022

What if we tell you that there is something even more painful than a heartbreak? Don’t believe us? Well, imagine losing your hair rapidly every single day? Isn’t it like the worst fear we all have?

Prevent Hair Loss

Well, if yes then you need to stick with this a little longer because today we are going to tell you about the best possible ways that can help you prevent hair loss.

Yes, you read it right, there is nothing impossible in this world and especially if next time someone tells you that there is nothing you can do about hair fall, do share this article with them!

What Causes Hair Loss?

Prevent Hair Loss

Now before telling you about the remedies and the solution to hair fall, first let’s talk about the reason behind hair fall.

Scientists have been studying about hair loss for quite a long time now and even they were unable to understand and identify the biological causes of hair loss but its already 2019 and now, they do know the cause behind it.

In 95% of the cases, hair loss occurs due to a substance called Dihydrotestosterone which is known as DHT.

Now when the scientists discovered the reason behind hair loss, they were also able to figure out the treatment for it and right now the market out there is full of different DHT blockers.

You can easily search for a DHT blocker online, buy it and use it to prevent hair loss.

Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

Prevent Hair Loss

Want to know about the other natural ways to prevent your hair from falling down rapidly? Here you go:


1. Use Hair Oils

hair oil - Prevent Hair Loss

A lot of people out there just have to use hair oil and well, that is the number one reason why your hair starts falling.

There are several types of hair oils available in the market and you should make sure that you are using pure oils that are free from any type of chemical.

The basic purpose of these oils is to nourish our scalp hair and trigger the growth process. So, if you are really worried about your hair then we suggest you to try coconut or almond hair oil every once a week.

We assure you that you will have some really positive results within a month or so.

2. Eat Healthy

eat healthy - Prevent Hair Loss

The best way to prevent hair loss and stay healthy is to eat healthy food. You should avoid eating junk as much as you can or else the consequences can be pretty bad not only for your hair in fact, for your overall body too.

You should try and consume as much greens as possible, drink milk, take proteins and make sure that you are not eating the fatty foods.

Your hair needs proper nutrients and vitamins to grow at a proper pace and if you won’t provide your hair with the required nutrients then obviously you will have to face some serious hair loss problems.

3. Reduce Stress

Prevent Hair Loss

A lot of people out there don’t even know the side effect of stress on their body. Stress is like the worst enemy of your body and it can affect you in ways that you’ve never even imagined of.

So, if you want to stay away from hair loss then stay away from stress, do as much meditation as you can and make exercise a part of your routine.

These are the best natural ways to prevent hair loss. So, now without worrying any further, take notes of the above mentioned tips and buy yourself a DHT blocker as soon as you can because it really works.


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