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Revenue vs Gaming Experience: Challenge For NBA 2k18 Publishers

Star Wars -NBA 2k18

November 2nd, 2017   |   Updated on April 3rd, 2024

The video game industry has faced an intense pushback over the past few weeks from both gamers as well as media. This pushback is a result of the tactics built into the games to generate additional revenue which has infringed on their designs to a great extent. It’s quite interesting to see if the consumer dissatisfaction, lower review scores and negative media coverage will overwhelm the revenue that these tactics generate in an unparalleled rate.

It can be easily observed that this flak from consumers and media, seemed to originate with a popular sports game and a popular racing game, has shifted recently to games like “Middle-earth: Shadow of War” and the upcoming “Star Wars: Battlefront II”.

Star Wars

The NBA 2K franchise is one of the best sports games around and NBA 2K18 has ensured that trend continues for another year. Although the implementation of the virtual currency has had some harmful effects on the game design, still it can be categorized as a great game. Even non-basketball fans will be able to appreciate this extremely polished game as the graphics and the gameplay has improved compared to its predecessor.

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The greatest change in NBA 2K18 is the expansion of a little social hub called The Neighborhood, which, notwithstanding lodging a few micro-transaction looks for customizing your characters, serves to streamline the MyCareer, MyPark, and Pro-Am modes. Presently, you need to run starting with one area then onto the next as opposed to perusing through a few menus. As it were, this setup makes every one of the three game modes open to newcomers since it urges you to chase after different characters and take part in several matches. Moreover, the gym is currently arranged in The Neighborhood and is frequently populated with different players—an element that can be both interesting and irritating on occasion when you need to sit tight for your swing to use the equipment in the gym.

NBA 2k18 -5

“NBA 2K18” uses a widespread currency which pervades all through the game’s different modes. One can upgrade character skills, purchase clothing and accessories; acquire boosts by utilizing this virtual currency. Sadly, the game is presently designed in a way to purposefully place players into positions where they will feel like they need to burn through currency to just have a great time or to have any shot at contending online.

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nba 2k18 locker codes

On the court, NBA 2K18 has accomplished something truly great in making every player to deal with in an unexpected way. You need to consider dribble drives before going for them, and information of the real life players’ abilities is compensated. Players like Jimmy Butler are mostly at the foul line, as they should, while somebody like Tyler Johnson does not get similar calls. Generally speaking, you need to truly read the defense and respond while playing to every player’s qualities. You can’t simply crash into a pile and anticipate that it will go your direction – in light of the fact that it won’t.

NBA 2k18 -4

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It has been over 10 years since the standard video game value rose to $60, yet sales numbers for most publishers have leveled or dropped and production costs have increased. The revenue generated after the game release has moved toward becoming nearly as critical as the underlying sale. For mobile games that are given for free to play, the only hope is that some money will be spent within them in future.

NBA 2k18 -2

By isolating micro-transactions to a single mode, “EA Sports” “FIFA” and “Madden” has largely been able to avoid the criticism. The money the company has made off Ultimate Team and its mobile titles continues to rise, and this year alone could near a billion dollars. The team-building, card-collecting mode known as “Ultimate Team” has become the most heavily played in the games and now acts as a year-round live service.

NBA 2k18 -1

Impact from this heavy flak will be difficult to measure for a long while, however the arrival of “Star Wars: Battlefront II” one month from now could give some understanding when its launch is assessed. A beta held before in October confronted pushback over a loot crate system that gives significant preferences to online multiplayer to the individuals who spend a lot of money.


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Although NBA 2k18 had a massive launch which was predictably a very good month for the publishers but the bad coverage may affect the revenue the publishers are expecting and everyone will be looking closely for the changes that will be seen when NBA 2k19 rolls around.


The problem for video game distributers here is adjusting the profit against gaming experience of the consumers, and in the case of losing some unsatisfied potential clients is a give up worth making given the monitory outcomes from the individuals who proceed to purchase and spend on the game. It is to be seen whether gamers will accomplish more about it than simply express their disappointment on the web as distributers will turn around the course and discover another methods for creating digital income.

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