Complete Review Of The Nike Air Max Sports Shoes

Complete Review Of The Nike Air Max Sports Shoes

June 17th, 2018   |   Updated on October 19th, 2022

When it comes about everything related to sports, the first two brand names that pop in our mind are Nike and Adidas. They are a number of product lines operated by these giants and all of them are pretty much successful.

The Air Max series by Nike has been in the market for a long time now and every year we are seeing new launches. But it is pretty much infamous for being too costly. So, should you buy the Air Max or should you go for something else? Let’s find out!

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Though Nike categorises most of the Air Max in the performance running section. But thanks to its cool design and brilliant looks you can easily use it as a casual shoe anywhere you go.

Upon first look, you won’t notice many changes ( if any ) in the latest Air Max than its predecessors. The design in a whole is almost the same. However, the Nike logo on both sides of the Air Max has been completely revamped and you will notice a shinier logo which glows when you use this product at night.

If you look closely, you will find that Nike has created a slight bump around the heel to add more grip and comfort. While it does serve its purpose splendidly, it can take a while to get accustomed to it for some of you.

The tongue of the shoe is also revamped from the previous editions and it is thicker in size to enhance grip and comfort. Yes, it is a big improvement over the flyknit series where the tongue was way slimmer but feels like an unnecessary upgrade over the already perfect Nike Air Max 2016.

Air Max shoes are known for their trademark airbag sole and over the years despite some little changes, the core design of the sole has remained the same. However, unlike its predecessors, the latest does not feature a transparent airbag sole in most of the models.

Airbag soles are infamous for being a little too tough on your toes. Nike has tried to address the issue by coating the airbag sole with rubber and soft foam. Airbag soles are also very fragile thanks to their tenderness. But the additional rubber coating holds the airbag sole together and makes it way sturdier.

However, getting the airbags punctured or damaged is still a huge concern and it is highly recommended to use the show with extreme caution. Always try to avoid any place or trail that might contain anything too sharp as it can drastically reduce the lifespan of your shoe.

The main reason for using the airbags as the sole is to try to keep the weight of the shoe to a minimum. But the rubber coating and the built material has made it way heavier than the recommended weight of a perfect running shoe. The weight of a US 10 sized shoe is almost 368 grams.

Built Material

The outer layer is made of Nike Flymesh. It is designed to make the shoe enough strong to hold your foot in its place. The lair is also dotted with a number of ventilation slits to keep your feet cool even in those hot days. The heel and the backside is, however, made of molded mesh to give it a more dynamic and attractive look.

The insole has a very thick layer of foam to make your every run even more comfortable. The sides and heals also have similar if not thicker padding. The rubber used in the outer sole is strong but unfortunately, not very much tractive. So, you need to be very careful if you plan to use this shoe in an extremely smooth or wet surface.

User Experience And Fit

The first thing you will notice about the Air Max is how comfortable it is. It is soft, slid fit and well ventilated. But the experience may get a bit different if you have slightly wider feet. The Air Max series has always been imperfect for such people and it is sad to see that Nike, once again, has not done anything meaningful to address this issue.

Apart from that, the toe space is just about perfect and it seems to fit every other toe size seamlessly. There is a slight issue with a lack of support in the heels which makes it a little bit unstable. But practically, it is highly likely that you will never even feel it throughout its lifespan.

The Nike Air Max does have huge airbags in its sole. But please refrain from imagining it as one of the softest shoe out there. It is, in fact, one of the hardest running shoes you will ever use. This is mainly because of the hardened layer of rubber in the outer sole and the absence of any kind of soft blown rubber anywhere in the shoe.

Now to sum it up, let’s check out pros and cons of using the Nike Air Max.

Pros Of Using The Nike Air Max Pro

  • The shoe can be used absolutely anywhere thanks to its great looks.
  • It is made using top-grade premium Flynesh unibody.
  • It has a great ventilation system for steady air flow.
  • Great padding making it extremely comfortable.

Cons Of Using The Nike Air Max Pro

  • There is very little change in design from the previous generation.
  • It is one of the most expensive running shoes in Nike’s catalog.
  • Airbags are prone to puncture and heat damage.
  • One of the heaviest running shoes.

A bit tough on your toes due to the absence of any kind of soft blown rubber.


The Air Max series is plying in the global market since 2006. And throughout the decade, it has always managed to hold on to the top grossing list of Nike every single year.

Yes, it is no way near a perfect shoe and Nike could have done a lot of improvements in it. But if you are willing to put out the cash and want a surreal running experience, the latest Air Max series should be your first choice.

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