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The Online Shopping Scene In India Is Dominated By Many E-commerce Websites

Online Shopping

May 17th, 2018   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

The online shopping scene in India is dominated by many e-commerce websites and thousands of very enticing deals. Whilst on the surface, everything looks good; often times consumers get tricked into buying low-quality products at exorbitant products.

Enter, India Desire, a revolutionary creation in the chaotic world of online shopping. We are your personal assistants, to guide you through the puzzling world of online shopping and ensure that you have the best quality products, at the lowest possible price! We help you navigate through the rough seas of the competitive e-retail and safely reach the shore.

Special steps are taken to ensure that only quality products reach our site, while bogus deals & bad quality products are filtered out.

Shopping is an art and most of us love shopping over the internet. It is a time-saving process, and is also convenient for working individuals. India Desire is your one-stop destination for shopping like best deals, discounts, cash back offers, recharge offers, gift vouchers, offers on mobile recharges, booking tickets, hotels & Amazon great indian sale and much more.

With the growing number of e-commerce websites and their unlimited deals; it becomes very difficult for the consumer to choose what to buy and what not to buy. We help you save money by providing you with a broad range of every imaginable deal that you can think of.

India Desire provides a unique solution to this problem, by providing a platform, designed to be the hub of all the promotions provided by reliable online shopping brands.

A consumer can browse and compare through the innumerable deals offered by the major e-stores, make a choice and buy! We have devoted our time to scour through all the offers and deals from third party websites, to bring you the best possible deals. We take our customer satisfaction very seriously and this is what sets us apart from the rest.

Such is our commitment to you that we don’t entertain or fall under any pressure to highlight a product or any particular e-retail store. Irrespective of our links with the dealer, we ensure that only the best product finally reaches your home.

Today, more than 30 lakh rupees worth of products are sold through our website, which not only displays the faith that our customers have in us; but also the hard work, dedication, and perseverance that we have put into our website.

Our user-friendly navigation system, attractive interface, and a simple listing method make consumers visit over and over again. From its humble origins in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India Desire has now grown into a large network with affiliate links with the best e-commerce websites in India.

It was founded by the dynamic brothers; founder, Mr. Amit Singh, an alumnus of ITM Gorakhpur and co-founder Mr. Ashwani Singh with the goal of giving the shopper the power to choose. We give you the control to pick the finest deals at the best price, after scouring thoroughly through various websites, all the while maintaining the originality of the product that you desire.

Our team works round the clock and conducts intense research to pool in the deals, and in turn, saving your time instead of you spending hours of time doing the same. We ensure a high level of transparency and reliability in our processes so that you can buy without any worry or a grain of doubt in your mind.

We aim to inculcate a habit of smart shopping among our modern consumers by making offers, deals, and coupons accessible to everyone, round the clock! Go ahead, shop and trust us to save your hard earned cash!