How Is OOH Marketing Reinventing Itself To Stay Relevant To Consumer Demands?

OOH Marketing

Published on June 9th, 2018

Out of home advertising has been garnering a lot of attention in the last five years from experts and consumers alike. While people were busy wondering when OOH advertising would go out of fashion, the ascendance of smart technology has cemented the market for it.

OOH Marketing

The demand for responsive experiences is on the rise. Even the experts now confirmedly state that 2018 is going to be the year of experiential marketing.


What are the features that differentiate OOH ads from traditional ads?

OOH Marketing

One of the first features that define its robust presence is the sheer size of it. Its bold presence sets it apart from all other marketing media. The possibility of integrating AR and VR elements to the OOH media makes it hard to miss.

Even the most addicted of all mobile users have to sneak a peek of the latest OOH content on his way back from work on a weekday. The large size means you cannot ignore the digital wallscape even if you want to.

It is much easier to create a lasting impression (brand recall) with out-of-home video content than using another sponsored advertisement online.

OOH Marketing

The second defining feature is its lack of dependence on content. It has always been dependent on location and placement. That is in sharp contrast to print advertisements, radio spots, and TVCs that have always been content-driven ever since the genesis of traditional marketing.

In the largest US cities, almost all OOH media agencies are real estate trusts. They buy, sell, rent and lease out spaces for advertisement placement.

OOH Marketing

Creating something outside the box can be costly for brands in the big cities unless they have an experiential marketing agency Los Angeles on their side.

What is the most significant advantage of OOH advertising?

What is the most significant advantage of OOH advertising

OOH can be costlier than a few traditional marketing forms. It is more expensive than multiple social media marketing campaigns. It does not offer easy to access data points or KIP metrics, but it is still one of the most impactful media of marketing.

Brands love outdoor advertising since they offer larger than life engagement options for all businesses, old and new. It has the power to break the norm and find viewership in the places people least expect.

OOH Marketing

Outdoor media can intercept their daily commute from home to office or the sporadic road trip to make the relevant product or brand visible to the target audience.


How is out of home media marketing changing in 2018?

OOH Marketing

Interestingly, current outdoor advertising forms are more similar to the concurrent social, mobile and web marketing strategies, than they are to the traditional OOH formats.

It is also finally graduating from awareness to promotion. It signifies an era of change. The year ahead is going to see an integration of outdoor techniques with the already prevalent smart devices.

OOH Marketing

That will help marketers make their clients more visible to the urban customer-base. Outdoor advertising companies are more interested in engaging their customers in an urban landscape setting.