5 Organization Hacks To Keep Your Vehicle Road-Trip Ready


Published on October 17th, 2018

Road trips are fun, but they can turn into a disaster if you’re not prepared. No matter what time of year it is, it’s time to get your vehicle ready for the perfect trip.

Whether or not you want to buy accessories or make your own, taking steps to prepare your vehicle will keep it ready for your trips. These tips will also keep your vehicle cleaner and more comfortable.

1. Drinks

Lemon Water

Every road trip requires good drinks. Water’s always a good option, but sometimes you need something to keep you more alert. Soft small coolers are wonderful, but you can always put your drinks in your center console, along with an ice pack.

Be sure to soak up condensation with something to avoid leaks. If your vehicle isn’t equipped for drinks, you can get an accessory to fit the area between your two front seats. Coffee can be stored on your dashboard using shelf liners, or you can purchase a coffee warmer from your vehicle part and accessory store.


2. Food And Snacks


It can be difficult to eat while on the road. You can handle a burger, burrito, or sandwich in one hand, but there are times you drop food, want to eat fries or chips, and can’t seem to find a place to put your ketchup, ranch dressing or barbecue sauce.

This is why car accessories and hacks are necessary. You can use a shelf liner as a place to rest your dips and sauces or get a center console accessory with a flattened surface to place your food.

Get a small vacuum to clean up crumbs. You can use a shoe holder hung on the back of your back seat to store food items easily. If you can access hot water, such as from a gas station, you can prepare ready-to-eat meals.


3. Trash

Trash Removal1

Following food, drinks, and snacks, every road trip is filled with trash of some sort. To avoid hassles, messes, and misplacement of other items, you need to decide where to keep the trash.

Some vehicles come with a latch to hold purses. You can hang a plastic bag from here. Another handy option is to place bags on the back of the driver and passenger seat. You can stick your trash in your door compartments, if you aren’t planning on putting anything else there.


4. Mud


Every once in a while, you’re going to run into mud. You don’t want to dirty your vehicle mats, but you need to be able to drive your vehicle too. It’s wise to invest in something like heavy-duty Toyota Tundra floor mats to keep mud in its place until you’re able to spray it off.

Be sure to keep wipes in your vehicle. This is helpful in cleaning your hands, face, dashboard, shoes, and anything else that needs cleaning.


5. Comfort


You need to be comfortable while on your trip. Wear layers that can easily be taken off while you’re driving. Ponchos and blankets with sleeves help to keep your warm and can be taken off easily while you drive.

Get travel pillows for your neck. Sit on a seat cushion. You can use a lumbar back support if your seat doesn’t align itself to your back. Vehicle seat massagers also work wonders.

Use a face mister scented with citrus or another scent you love to help refresh yourself on long drives. Bring lotion, disposable teeth cleaners, tissue, and anything else that can provide comfort.

Don’t forget about safety. You want to have a spare tire, jack, lug wrench, flashlight, jumper cables, new windshield wiper blades, and possibly a portable battery jumper, which usually comes with other features, such as outlets and lighting.

Above all, have fun on your trips. Make a plan of all the places you’d like to see in your vehicle, but be sure to bring a GPS too.

Images: Unsplash

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