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Top 10 Travelling Products To Enhance Your Next Trip

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July 24th, 2018   |   Updated on November 10th, 2020

From carry-on suitcase that lets you keep all your nifty tech gadgets, to compact camera capturing memorable memories of your travel, check out these 10 products to enhance your next trip.

Best Travel Accessories

Our collection of unique travel items will help inspire future adventures, and make a traveler’s life easier and more enjoyable. Some items will encourage travelers to get creative in commemorating their trips.

1. Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones

Bose Quiet

The Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II wireless headphones have the best noise-canceling tech in the business. You can even adjust the level of ambient noise cancellation via a dedicated button, or a mobile app.

Like all Bose headsets, the QC35 Series II has exceptionally comfy fit and a well-balanced audio signature. With up to 20 hours of battery life, the headset will keep you entertained even throughout even the longest flights.

Yes, they’re a bit pricey, but we can hardly think of a more essential travel gadget.

Review : Amy

I purchased these and the Sony WH1000XM2 to compare the two. Cnet says they both have a “9” for sound quality. I would agree, they both sound excellent.

The Bose won the test for its noise cancellation, performance talking to people on the phone, comfort on my head, and sound processing. Read More Here…

Price : $349.00Buy-Now-Button-300x150


2. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

Amazon Kindle

If you’re an avid reader who travels often, you need the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader in your life. Capable of storing thousands of books, the lightweight device’s e-ink display won’t strain your eyes like a conventional display will. Plus, its battery can last for weeks at a time.

Review : Desert Rat

I have all the current e-readers and Fire devices from Amazon including the basic Kindle, the 2013, 2014 and new 2015 Paperwhite, the Fire HD6, Fire HD7, Fire HDX7 and Fire HDX8.9. Read More Here…

Price : $119.99  Buy-Now-Button-300x150


3. Victorinox Lexicon Hardside Frequent Flyer Carry-On Suitcase

Victorinox Lexicon

The Lexicon Hardside Frequent Flyer carry-on suitcase by Victorinox has a sleek design, great build quality, and flawless ergonomics. The suitcase has a single USB port with a pre-installed cable and a dedicated, zipped pocket for your favorite battery pack (a battery isn’t included in the retail package).

Another cool bit about the suitcase is the included SIM card pin, which allows international travelers to easily change their carrier when abroad. There are two stylish colors to pick from — titanium and black.

Review : Miss Kitty

The suitcase is very sleek looking. The wheels move 360 degrees and are very maneuverable. The recessed wheels and handle should be perfect for flying on airlines with stingy carryon guidelines, but I haven’t tried it yet.

The inside is spacious with a generous X strap that keeps your clothes secure and folded to prevent wrinkling in transit.The hard sides are both rigid and lightweight. The sturdy shell will be able to take the abuse of being knocked, thrown and dropped.

I feel like the USB port is gratuitous, but a lot of people like it. I do like the zipper locks that keep the bag closed and zipped with TSA approved locks. Overall this is a great, albeit pricey suitcase. Read More Here…

Price : $401.20Buy-Now-Button-300x150


4. Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 PD Battery Pack

Power core200

Having a backup battery pack is an essential mobile accessory for travelers these days, and this Anker pick is as capable as it gets. It features stealthy design, a massive 20,000 mAh capacity, and the ability to charge just about any gadget you own, including 12-inch MacBooks.

The battery pack has a full USB output and a USB-C port. It also comes with its own high-speed USB-C charger. Anker backs the gadget with a solid 18-month warranty.

Review : David Selector

I own a Nintendo Switch and wanted to get a portable battery pack for it. The design of the Switch requires Power Delivery to charge it at a fast rate, especially while being used at the same time.

Upon research, I found lots of articles recommending the Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD, which is an excellent product, though large and heavy The PowerCore Speed 20000 PD that I purchased is a newer item and is significantly smaller and 1/2 pound lighter.

It can still charge the Switch multiple times and has plenty of power to keep my other devices topped-off. Read More Here…

Price : $99.99 Buy-Now-Button-300x150


5. Pioneer Rayz Plus Smart Noise-Canceling Lightning Earbuds

Pioneer Rayz

If over-ear headphones aren’t your thing and you’re an iPhone or an iPad user, you need the wired Pioneer Rayz Plus Smart noise-canceling earbuds in your life. Lightweight and stylish, the earphones deliver excellent sound quality, noise canceling that adapts to your hearing, and customizable controls

Review : Tedy D. Anderson

I was a bit skeptical when I ordered these due to the lack of reviews on these. I figured it was because they were so new. These exceeded my expectations. I got them unpacked, downloaded the app and ran the app. It then asks you to plug in your headphones.

It had a firmware update which took about 5 minutes to download. There is a status wheel that shows you feedback as it is installing. Once done, it tells you unplug your headphones and plug them back in.

The app recognizes them immediately and goes through a quick calibration function for the noise cancelling. Then you are ready to go.

My first test was to see how these sound. I was hoping for great sound because $149 is a lot of money for earbuds. Well, the sound is awesome. Read More Here…

Price : $114.99 Buy-Now-Button-300x150


6. Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con

Nintendo Switch


Unlike an Xbox or a PlayStation, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t require a TV or a monitor to let you enjoy your favorite video games. A perfect source of on-the-go entertainment, the device will even let you square off in a Mario Kart race against a fellow traveler. You can easily recharge the console via an external battery pack.

Review : R.C. Davidson

In a world where console manufacturers are trying to get their systems to run games at 4K resolution, Nintendo once again pitches a curve-ball, and it seems to have worked for them. Instead of trying to be more powerful than the others, they instead went for making a gaming tablet that can really play console quality games on the go.

Let me preface this review by saying that I already reviewed this product once, but decided to write another one because I only reviewed it when I only had it for a few days, with the only game I had at the time being Puyo Puyo Tetris, even though Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild was the hot meal ticket at the time.

Things have also came up during the first year alone that could make or break the console later on in it’s lifetime, so I thought they would be important to know. Read More Here…

Price : $299.00Buy-Now-Button-300x150


7. Mophie Powerstation AC External Battery Pack

mophie powerstation powerstation AC

Stylish and versatile, the mophie powerstation AC is the ultimate battery pack for road warriors. With a full AC plug, it can fully charge your laptop, alongside two other gadgets. With a battery capacity of 22,000 mAh, the device can days worth of use for most of your tech.

The accessory has a great-looking fabric cover with excellent tactility. It has been designed to not only look great, but also to protect your metal devices from scratches.

Review : Michael K. E. Bogden

Bought a portable charger for my laptop from another brand and immediately returned it when it arrived at our home in the mail and was warm out of the package.

Seeing all the random fires and explosions on the news I decided to pay a bit extra for a quality brand and it’s well worth it. Great product. Size is small which will make it easy to put in my carry on. Very happy. Read More Here…

Price : $199.95Buy-Now-Button-300x150


8. Tile Anything Finder Combo Pack

Tile Combo

These small and nifty gadgets by Tile will help you find your luggage or anything else you attach them to, so long as your phone is within their Bluetooth range.

In case you lose an item, you’ll receive notifications when the gadgets come within the range of another Tile user (there are millions of them).

Available in two distinct finishes (sport and style), the tiny trackers are as easy to carry around as it gets. Their non-removable battery lasts for a year.

Review : SMG

I put these on my key chains and installed the app. I was pleasantly surprised to learn I didn’t need one with my phone as installing the app on your phone allows you to ring the phone from any tile by pressing the button twice.

Unfortunately, one or more of my tiles frequently triggers the phone alarm without my intending to do so which has led to some embarrassing situations when I was in a place where phones were supposed to be silent any the tile app woke it up and it started ringing.

It is not a simple process to turn the alarm off once your phone starts ringing. Sometimes it has happened as often as three times in ten minutes. If I can’t find a way to stop all the false alarms I didn’t intend, I may sadly have to bench my tiles. Read More Here…

Price : $44.99 Buy-Now-Button-300x150


9. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 V 20.1 MP

Sony Cyber Shot

The Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 V by Sony is the best compact cameras money can buy. It fits in a jacket pocket, yet it can shoot 4K video and capture images whose quality rivals that of a pro-grade DSLR, thanks to its 1-inch sensor.

The DSC-RX100 V is also beautifully crafted and easy to use. Overall, it’s a pricey but amazing piece of photography gear, whose size makes it a perfect travel companion.

Review : Anthony F

I am a working professional photographer for over 25 years. I have had many digital cameras through out the last two decades. Most of my cameras are large, heavy and they have many parts.

I also teach several workshops and classes throughout the week. One of those workshops deals with street photography. For street photography you should have a small unassuming camera. One that is quiet and non-threathening.

If you don’t you will miss the “decisive moment” shot. Replacing my Nikon P7800, I hope will be the RX 100 MK5. The P7800 is a small camera from the “Coolpix” collection.

Its been good for the past few years. However, it is not as responsive as I would like. Slow to focus, only 12MP. limited ISO and FPS. Read More Here…

Price : $998.00Buy-Now-Button-300x150


10. BAGSMART Travel Electronic Accessories Thicken Cable Organizer Bag Portable Case

Bagsmart Travel

Even filling the organizer up it can close easily. It makes the most efficient use of packing space inside your suitcase or bag and still keeps your accessories neat.

First Layer– 6 mesh pouches with elastic loops expand to store multiple sizes things.12 elastic loops for storing various items like cables and earphones.A SD card pouch to prevent small SD card missing.

Second Layer– 3 mesh pouches with elastic loops can hold power bank and cables.2 elastic loops for keeping USB cables. 1 inner pocket with zipper can store money or keys or earphones.

Third Layer– 3 elastic loops(M/L) for keeping pens or wires.1 inner mesh pocket can fit portable hard drive up to 3.5″(It also can hold a kindle).1 outer large pocket with zipper can hold iphone 6 plus easily

Review : D. Norris

Love this travel case. It is compact but holds much so is perfect for my needs. I purchased to carry all my chargers for phone, kindle,ipad, fitbit, blue tooth transmitter and apple tv.

All my chargers fit and still have room to carry blue tooth transmitter, apple tv and bluetooth headphones plus instruction booklets.

Will be buying the travel case that holds the iphone or ipad size case later but since those items I keep in my purse, it might not be necessary. If you need a padded case then this is not for you but I love it! Read More Here…

Price : $25.99Buy-Now-Button-300x150