Pentatonix’s 10 Best Christmas Songs To Listen To

Pentatonix Christmas Songs

November 23rd, 2019   |   Updated on December 7th, 2020

Though Pentatonix has been giving us Cappella it has also produced some wonderful Christmas songs to date. In fact, their feelings of Christmas has given Goosebumps to many and made them sit back and enjoy the music.

So far they have presented three albums related to Christmas but their collection of songs is worth cherishing and here we share with you Pentatonix’s 10 Best Christmas Songs.

1. That’s Christmas To Me (2014)

One of the most intriguing Pentatonix Christmas Songs this one offers you all the aspects of a true Christmas song.

Not only that they even tell how a true Christmas should be and that too from the perspective of a kid. Their video reflects the same as we see members of the band dressed as kids awaiting Christmas.

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2. Joy To The World (2015)

You may have heard many versions of the same but this one is unique. The team can be seen beatboxing and singing the track in an empty church. Their upbeat rendition gives a total upliftment to an otherwise peaceful song.

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3. Little Drummer Boy (2013)

The little drummer boy can be their version of exciting Christmas songs for kids. It is one of their finest creations and the views it has received so far is a clear proof of that.

The vocals provided beat the effects created by an actual drum in true sense of the word.

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4. This Christmas (2014)

Working upon Donna Hathaway’s original their version is truly is soft and luscious. It reduces the tempo of the original to create a song that is quite different.

However, the tempo they maintain in the Chorus makes up for the changes made.

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5. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (2016)

A unique way of presenting a song the video sees all members in black and staring into the camera.

When the music starts only four of them start singing and the last artists only start singing after about 30 seconds or so have passed and that too with his beatboxing.

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6. Have Yourself A Merry Christmas (2015)

Here you get to hear Olusola’s beatboxing to quite an extent. On the other hand the other artists take a bow and remain in the side-lines.

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7. Carol Of The Bells (2012)

This song makes on this Christmas song list because it is different in the way the video has been executed.

All the members of the group stand together with autumn trees close to them. Their voices mingle together and take you to a totally new level of bliss.

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8. Silent Night (2014)

A loved carol for long this new twist to it wants you to let them keep singing for long.

They make you go grooving and feel the Christmas theme as they make the song exquisite and simply wonderful to hear.

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9. Hallelujah

One of their most viewed videos Hallelujah has been sung in the throes of a plain with no one in sight.

They sing peacefully and the calmness is enough to snap you out of your reverie and pay attention to their song.

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10. Mary, Did You Know (2014)

In keeping with the carol type singing, you find the group huddling together. All of them are holding candles and sharing in the warm vibes of the season with you.

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