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16 Ways To Permanently Get Rid Of Acne Naturally


December 26th, 2018   |   Updated on March 5th, 2020

Acne is majorly associated with teenagers and the only way to proof that one is mature and is no longer in puberty is to get rid of it.

Acne is caused by hormone irregularities, toxic buildups, and genetic tendencies. It is a fact that acne is an internal problem that shows itself externally.

Most acne treatment solutions focus on treating the symptoms and not the root cause. To get a permanent solution for acne you should adopt the following remedies:

1. Eliminate Toxic Foods In Your Diet

Permanently Get Rid Of Acne Naturally

Fast or junk food is the chief cause of acne. You should minimize you intake on such food as they contain lots of fats.

Food and beverages that are high in sugar should also be avoided at all cost. You should cut on meat and fish. If you have access to organic food then this is best diet for you.


2. Consume Lot Of  Vegetables

Toxic Foods - Permanently Get Rid Of Acne Naturally

Vegetables should constitute 80 percent of your overall diet. Vegetables have high level of antioxidants that help reduce the amount of free ions in the body.

Vegetables have no starch and hence there would be no formation of fat that is usually stored under the skin.


3. Drink Lots Of  Water

Water - Permanently Get Rid Of Acne Naturally

As mentioned before, toxins are responsible for the formation of acne on the skin. Skin is the largest organ in the body and it is used in the detoxification of the body.

The body can be cleansed by drinking lots of water regularly. It is recommended that one should drink a glass of water every three hours.


4. Reduce Intake Of  Grains

Grains - Permanently Get Rid Of Acne Naturally

Grains are the major source of starch in our daily food intake. They are important part our meals as they provide the energy needed to keep you active throughout the day.

Whoever, when they are taken in large quantities, the body cannot exhaust it and they have to be stored. When stored as fat, they cause acne.


5. Reduce Stress

Stress -Permanently Get Rid Of Acne Naturally

Stress is known to cause acne. Stress results in hormonal imbalance in the body. You should involve yourself in activities which relieve stress such as swimming, cooking, and exercising.

You can watch also watch fun clips and stand up comedies on YouTube when you have time.


6. Get Enough Rest

sleep - Permanently Get Rid Of Acne Naturally

An adult should sleep for at least 8 hours per day so that the body can get a chance to clear toxic chemicals in the body. The place you are sleeping should be comfortable and allow the body to have a good supply of fresh air.


7. Use Natural Treatments

Customised Treatment Facial At Elements Wellness Group Of Spas

Natural treatments are cheaper and safe to use even though they it may take time to achieve the desired results. Do not fall prey to eye-catching advertisements as they are costly and offer only short-time solutions.

Aloe Vera is a natural remedy that helps restore the skin to its former condition and should be used for all types of skin care from bathing to moisturizing and oiling it.


8. You Have To Remove Sugar From Your Diet

You Have To Remove Sugar From Your Diet

Sugar feeds yeast and it feeds on candida, so replace your sugar with natural sugar substitutes like raw honey or stevia. This will help you to balance your blood sugar levels.


9. Stay Away From Hydrogenated Oils

Stay Away From Hydrogenated Oils - Permanently Get Rid Of Acne Naturally

Bad fats increase the amount of oil in the sebaceous glands of your skin. Switching over to coconut oil is a great way to prevent acne.


10. Consume Protein

 Consume Protein

Protein sources like organic chicken, grass fed beef, fish, organic eggs will balance your sugar levels and help you get rid of acne.


11. Load Up On Zinc Rich Foods

 Load Up On Zinc Rich Foods

Foods rich in zinc are the foods that support immune system function by repairing out gut lining, normal physical development and wound healing. Its sources are oysters, chicken, beef, crab, pork shoulder, lobster, baked beans and fortified breakfast cereals.


12. Sip Some Green Tea

Sip Some Green Tea

Green Tea can be brewed to consume or apply directly on the skin. When consumed, the tea helps to flush out the toxins and keep your skin clear. When applied on the acne, it can reduce inflammation of the acne.


13. Buy Tea Tree Oil Face Wash

Buy Tea Tree Oil Face Wash

It will cleanse and moisturize your skin at the same time. You can also apply this anti-fungal, anti-microbial tea tree oil on your acne and blemishes at night to get rid of acne.


14. Use Some Lemon

Use Some Lemon

Lemon has astringent properties and it helps control the oiliness that is a part of acne. Lemon juice helps to shrink the blemish. Dab a bit of lemon juice on the acne affected areas and let it stay overnight. Wash off with normal water in the morning.


15. Cinnamon And Honey

Cinnamon And Honey

You can use this as a face mask. Add 5-6 pinches of cinnamon powder to a teaspoon of honey and apply as a thin mask on the face. Let it stay till your skin feels stretchy. Wash off with lukewarm water and pat dry.


16. Peel It Up

Peel It Up

Take an orange peel and pound the insides gently with a pestle for a few seconds till the juices flow out. Dab the juices on the affected areas and wash off after 15 minutes.

Source: Indiatimes

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