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Trident Standard cleaner - Pool vacuum reviews

January 22nd, 2018   |   Updated on January 16th, 2020

After a long day at work when you come back home you realize that your pool needs cleaning. Of course, that really puts you off as you wanted to relax a bit after a stressful day in office.

However, if you have your own pool cleaner things won’t be as grim as they seem. Let us first know what actually pool cleaners are.

Pool cleaners are machines which can clean your swimming pool and reduce a lot of burden of yours. However, since they have a lot of heavy work to do it is very important that you choose your model carefully. Else the machine will die down soon and you might have to run to buy a better one.

Pool cleaners can be divided into three types broadly: Suction, Pressure, and Robotic.

1. The Suction Pool cleaner

A suction cleaner will attach itself to the skimmer box using a hose and suck all the dirt, mud and grime in your pool. These cleaners are either inertia driven suction cleaners which do the cleaning in a pattern but take some time to clean the whole pool. You also find geared suction cleaners which also move in a pre-decided pattern but do the cleaning faster as compared to the inertia driven ones.


2. The Swimkleen ATV

The most technically advanced pool cleaner this one provides you a lasting performance. Renowned the world for its cleaning prowess the machine is durable and good enough to last you for some time.

3. The Pressure Pool cleaner

These cleaners are equipped with more power than the suction ones. They require an extra booster pump which means that you would have to add another hose connection. If you connect it directly to the existing pool pump then that might put extra load on your filter leading it to it getting worn out quickly. Visit ToolsReviewss to learn more about pressure side pool cleaner.


4. The Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Robotic cleaners are placed in the pool and they can clean the floor, walls, and waterline with ease. In this guide, we want to answer one simple question: which robotic pool cleaner should I buy this summer? Since these cleaners run on electricity you might have to ask an electrician to install an outdoor power switch.

Trident Robotic pool cleaners save your time and money by using only a part of the resources consumed by other cleaners. As the cleaners are automatic you are saved from the trouble of cleaning the pool every day. The optimal use of resources also ensures that you reduce the consumption of electricity, water, and chemicals.

Since their power requirement is less they are able to reduce your filtration needs to a very large extent. Also reduced is the amount of potable water consumption. This directly causes a decline in the number of chemicals needed to clean the pool.

If you are looking for automated high performance driven pool cleaners then Trident robotic cleaners are going to fit your requirement the best. Being one of the few who has been consistently providing quality based pool cleaning products you can be assured of getting a clean pool without much effort to be put. The triple active brushing accompanying each cleaner ensures that all the algae, bacteria and external elements are eliminated. This makes your pool water clean and safe for use at any time.

There is a dual level filtration system which takes care that you receive a pool free of dust and debris. It also ensures that the water in the pool remains crystal clear all throughout the year. The advanced technologies used in Trident pool cleaners are efficient and scan your water for any impurities and clean it as soon as possible.

You will get the Trident robotic pool cleaner in two models; one is the standard and the other the Top of the range PRO.

5. Trident PRO cleaner

A remote-controlled setup accompanied by multiple cleaning programs this cleaner ensures that you get optimum cleaning and hygiene. Without any extra manual effort from your side, the Trident Pro will clean floors, walls and the waterline for any pool with a length of up to 15 meters.


6. Trident Standard cleaner

Trident Standard cleaner

In case of a pool with a length of around 12 meters, this pool cleaner will provide you an extensive cleaning experience. The entire pool gets cleaned and that too without much burden on your resources.

7. Trident Eco cleaner

The purpose of Trident ECO robotic pool cleaner is to reduce the consumption of all your resources. By saving water, power, and usage of chemical this cleaner is considered as one of the most economically efficient cleaner models in the market.


8. Other factors to pay attention to

  • Ensure that the hose is long and can reach from one end of the pool to another. If need be take up an extra couple of meters to the hose for safety. Also read Pool vacuum reviews on different website.
  • You will have to see if the model you are choosing is able to climb and clean the pool steps on its own. If not then this task will have to be handled by you.
  • There are some pool cleaners which can be used even when the pool cover is on. This is extremely helpful when you have covered the pool for winters.
  • Each pool has a different shape and size requirement. Find a pool cleaner which has an adjustable hose and can move around freely in the entire pool.