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10 Must Ask Questions For The First Date


August 18th, 2018   |   Updated on August 28th, 2019

The moment you are taking your online conversations with a potential offline in person can be daunting.

No matter how confident a person you are, it is natural to be a little nervous on the first date, especially, if you are there on the basis of Matchmaking Website Reviews.


So, the next time you are eyeing your potential mate from across the table here is a list of questions that you could ask. Not only will these questions help you know the other person better but also aid in easing into a relaxed and positive conversation.


1. What Is The Thing You Are Most Passionate About?

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Instead of the traditional ‘What do you do?’, this question sounds more interesting and thoughtful. It will take you to the point where you can freely discuss hobbies and what you love to do in your leisure time. It is recommended that you listen carefully to the answer to this question in order to help understand the compatibility.


2. What Is Your Favorite Food?

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Usually, this question comes up on its own when you are ordering. You can also ask if the other person is allergic to something. This conversation can go on for a while as they will ask you the same.


3. What Are Your Favorite Pizza Toppings?

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This is an excellent follow-up for the above question, especially, if they list pizza as their favorite food. Everyone has a preference when it comes to pizza toppings. This is a casual and a safe question that is great to keep things going smoothly.


4. Who Are You Fascinated By?

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Another chance to gain a deeper insight into someone’s life without seeming to pry! There might be someone they are fascinated by or really admire. It might be their favorite actor/actress, someone related to them or a famous personality.


5. What Is The Most Important Thing On Your Bucket List?

It is the best way to find out whether the person is an adrenaline junkie or a lover of the art. This offers a chance for them to give you a vivid description of their dreams.


6. What Is The Most Frightening Thing You Have Ever Done?


One of the worst things you can do people when meeting them for the first time is to pry on the heartaches they have previously received. So, instead ask them about something challenging and frightening they had to do at some point in time. Chances are, they will tell you something about how they broke up with someone close or how they got over a bad breakup.


7. What Is Your Idea Of An Ideal Vacation?


Asking about the perfect vacation breaks the ice as well as gives an interesting topic to discuss. Passionate travelers are bound to give the most amazing descriptions of their ideal vacation which you will definitely enjoy listening. And who knows, if things go well, you might actually accompany the other person in his or her ideal vacation!


8. What Was Your Childhood Like?


This question is sure to tell you a lot more than you might expect. Everyone wants to know whether their potential mate is close to their family or not. This question offers you the perfect chance to know about their childhood and make an assumption. Chances are, they might actually tell you straight away whether they are close to their families.


9. What Kind Of Movies Do You Like?


You might be a ‘Die Hard’ fan but the one sitting in front of you might be ‘The Notebook’ type of a person. The kind of movies a person likes to watch tells a lot about their personality.


10. What Would You Do If You Were Invisible For A Day?


Be ready to be fascinated and surprised after asking this question. This is a great way to add some spice into the first date. The best part is that the answers are going to be unexpected and unique.

Nothing kills a first date more than awkward silence. Moreover, feeble attempts at small talk only make things worse and degrade your first attempt. Thus, for maintaining your banter as well as breaking the ice, a blend open-mindedness and some engaging questions is a must.