How To Reduce Weight Without Exercise Tips For Office Workers

Reduce Weight Without Exercise

June 11th, 2018   |   Updated on March 23rd, 2023

“How to reduce weight without exercise?” It is exceptionally most searched topic, as a lifestyle that most of the people are living is quite hectic and none wants to put extra efforts to make it healthy so why should you?

Weight Without Exercise - Reduce Weight Without Exercise
Generally, when the body spends more calories than it takes in, the problem of weight loss occurs. There are a large number of people who cut calories from their diet and burn calories through exercising to acquire weight loss.

Exercise on daily basis can help you in reducing the weight but for few people, it won’t be possible due to their health crisis, lack of interests, and time restraints.

However, according to a study, the diet plays a major role in weight loss rather than exercise. It would be much easier to decrease the caloric intake by making some changes to your diet and lifestyle which will help you in losing weight safely and that too without doing any kind of exercise.

1. Modify Your Diet

Diet-Reduce Weight Without Exercise
The first step towards reducing weight is to modify your diet. You must be aware of how much calories you are taking while eating. Generally, if you want to lose weight then you should cut about 500 -750 calories regularly to lose about one pound per week.

You must figure out that how much calories you should eat and how much calories you need to cut down on your diet for doing so, you can do an online search for a calorie calculator.

After finding the calorie calculator, input your weight along with your weight, age, height, and activity level. Everyone is different in each manner thus it would be best to get your own personalized number.


2. Create A Meal Plan For Yourself

 Meal Plan - Reduce Weight Without Exercise
Always remember, don’t consume less than 1200 calories as low calories can put your health at risk. Lack of calories can result in a nutrient deficiency that can invite many diseases.

So it is necessary to have a proper diet. In order to lose weight, you must trim your calories if you aren’t exercising daily.

You need to spend some time on writing your meals, beverages, snacks for few days and make sure that they fit into your pre-determined calorie range.

3. Increase your Baseline Activity

baseline activity
What is the meaning of baseline activity? Well, baseline activity is that activity that you do on daily basis like, walking to and from the car, walking up stairs, and doing daily chores etc.

These types of activities don’t burn your fat but supports in your weight loss and keep your body active. So, try to increase your baseline activity.

You can also add some more activities to your life like swimming, Frisbee golf, dancing and so on. Sexual habits like dry humping also help in reducing weight in a good manner.


4. Weight Reduction Is Not The End

Reduce Weight Without Exercise
It is necessary to keep balance after reduction in mass, a lot of time it is observed that after the loss in weight people get back to the earlier routine which tends to show the reverse effect. The results are drastic fluctuations and peek rise in weight.

To prevent this you need to learn a few points given below:

A. Monitor Your Weigh

Reduce Weight Without Exercise
Always keep a strict chart on how your weight changes, weekly monitor that whether it is decreasing or increasing with the diet. Also be certain that the rate of change in weight must not be disproportionate i.e. it must not decrease 200gm to directly 2kg’s in next week on weight measurement.

  • It is said that 2 pound of weight reduction in per week is a healthy loss that is you are doing.
  • Always measure yourself with same attire it will help you find the exact impact.
  • It is certainly required to check the diet chart and the daily cycle of work if there is an increase in weight in any week.


B. You Need Care

Reduce Weight Without Exercise
Be the part of the group that can motivate you in weight loss mission, be in contact with those who you work with and the family members as well. Let them know about your commitment so that they can keep you in check in case if you diverge from your aim.

  • This can even help you to connect with those who are interested in shedding some kilos with the same pattern as you are following. Group of like thinkers work well in such case scenarios.


C. Rewards, Rest And Repeat

Reduce Weight Without Exercise

  •  Rewards are necessary after completion of any goal, set small aims from 500gm to 2kg and appreciate yourself accordingly. Remember your gift to yourself must not relate to food, it will be an unhealthy practice
  •  Rest is necessary always try to make healthy sleep which tends to be for 7-8 hours daily, always sleep with positive thoughts in mind.
  •  Repeat your routine including a very small physical effort such as using stairs, start with 10 steps and repeat it daily by avoiding lift or escalator for the larger distance each day. Such practice can be taken up in routine.
    Weight reduction takes a strong mind and soul to happen, so be sure and tighten your commitment to yourself to be fit and healthy