27 Important Pieces Of Relationship Advice For Strong Women

Relationship Advice

April 6th, 2017   |   Updated on February 28th, 2024

When it comes to building strong relationships, it is essential for empowered women to have a solid foundation.

Here are some crucial pieces of advice to help strong women navigate their relationships: prioritize self-care and personal growth, maintain open and honest communication, and set healthy boundaries to ensure mutual respect and equality.

By following these guidelines, strong women can foster fulfilling and balanced relationships in their lives.

1. Keep your pink slip both financially and emotionally.

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2. You need physical attraction, but once you’ve got that, choose someone based on emotional compatibility. If you pick for exterior reasons, you’ll end up with something very hollow.

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3. Water rises to its own level. If you want to attract different partners, be a different partner.

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4. Keep your hobbies, interests and goals.

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5. Don’t try to convince anyone of your worth. Believe in it yourself, live it and only date people who appreciate it.

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6. Require and give respect.

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7. Don’t treat the other person like a fix-it project.

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8. Make the relationship conform to your lifestyle instead of vice versa.

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9. Don’t chase after men.



10. Don’t settle.

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11. Do be forthright and honest about what you want.

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12. Don’t put up with sexist nonsense.

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13. Do remember the important benefits of period sex.

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14. Do give yourself some space after a break-up.

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15. Don’t make excuses for someone just because you like them.

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16. Do put your own feelings first sometimes.

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17. Don’t let anxiety fester.

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18. Do remember that you are worthy of love.

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19. The grass is NOT greener on the other side.

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20. People want what they can’t have. That’s why sharing EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME with anyone gets old fast.

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21. Acceptance and appreciation are love glue.

22. Never, ever tolerate abuse.

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23. You’re beautiful, worthy and valuable just the way you are.

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24. Strive to be kind. If you have to choose between kindness and honesty, choose kindness.

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25. Don’t ask someone else to compromise their family of origin for you.

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26. Allow space so that both of you are free to cultivate and enjoy your own separate interests.

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27. Learn new things together.

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