Evaluation Of Response In Social Media – A Brief Guide

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Published on June 5th, 2018

Worried about sharing information? Don’t take any tensions. You have Social media to solve your problems. No matter what the purpose is, social media can be used to share the information, your views about some aspect, etc. and this you can do it within seconds. The only requirement is that you should be registered in any of the channels of the social media network.

You may be having a doubt that why you should register yourself in social media network when you can easily call the person by phone or send an email or use the old ancient formula- writing letters. Well, all these methods are good enough to share the information, but when you want instant sharing, then you should use the source which provides the service required by you.


Why should you join a social media network?

Whatever the case may be, whether you are an individual or a businessman, by joining a social media network, you can build an online relationship with others easily and instantly. You can do this over the phone also.

But the cost incurred on using the phones is much more than the cost incurred on online services. As an individual, you may be interested in latest gossips and current affairs.

In some countries, the government has intervened in this social media business and passed a regulation that any matter related to the nation, political or any message which causes a disturbance in public are not supposed to be published in social media.

If anyone does it by ignoring the regulation, the individual will be punished. Maybe to some extent, this sort of regulation controls the right of expressing your views. Because everything in this world has a limitation.

Having so much of importance, the businessman uses this social media for his marketing of products/services. In fact, social media has proved to be an effective marketing tool through which the businessman can increase his revenue levels.

There are two types of approaches which the businessman can use as marketing strategies- namely: –

1. Active approach: In this sort of approach there will be regular interaction between the businessman and his customers on a regular basis. Sharing of views and market information is done almost regularly.

But it is very difficult to estimate how many of them will participate in such conversation. After all who will like to waste their time unnecessarily without getting anything in return? One more benefit from this approach is that the person participating will definitely share the information with his known friends or relatives.

So, there is a chance for a chain of communication to be in a continuous state. The third benefit is that you can target a specific audience and share the information and expect a reply.

2. Passive or inactive approach: In sort of approach, various blogs, articles, and other contents are published in social media. Again, you may or may not get a response from your customers. But as a businessman, you should continuously publish the details regularly.

Uses of Social Media:

Well, you must have read many articles about uses of social media, but how many of you know that nowadays it is being used for political campaigns also. Various political candidates are approaching the general public through social media.

They are choosing this source of propaganda as it is cost effective. Secondly, not many will attend the social gatherings or political meetings. But a message sent on the social message will definitely reach millions of people provided they are all members of the group.


Business marketing and social media

Other important use of social media is for business marketing. More than political campaign, business marketing is more successful. It is common psychology that every human being will be interested in sometime new.

Variety is the spice of life. You as a businessman can use this social media to promote your brand, increase your sales by marketing. You can communicate with your regular customers and capture the potential customers also. The source is available. It is up to you how best you make you of the source. Keep one point in mind that the usage of source should be within the legal boundaries.

So, a businessman can increase his/her revenue levels and gain new customers by publishing new articles related to products/services. Publishing of images also will be very helpful because an image speaks more than words.

Using this technique, you can capture the local market very easily. Creativity plays a major role here. The more creative your work is, the work attention you will get which is very beneficial for your business.


How to judge the response in social media?

Well this is a very important aspect to the handled very carefully. As a businessman, just publishing about products/services is not enough. You should monitor the response of your content on regular basis.

The response depends on the types of approach you have used. Based on the response, you will be able to make necessary strategies to improve your position in the market. The solution is simple. Normally when you open a social media networking site, you find one counter which states the number of likes, dislikes and comments.

So to monitor the response, all you have to do is see this counter. Just because your likes are more, it does not mean that you have captured the market. Likes may be towards the product design or the way it has been presented. Your revenue will increase when the person reading the message will become your customer.

One important point to keep in mind is that always check the comments given and if necessary take actions. This also may increase your revenue levels. At Sunshine coast you can come across popular search media houses that can assist you with your online business promotion through social media networks.


Regular sending messages

By sending messages regularly will keep the relationship in a good position between you and the customers. The customers will be happy to know about the latest products released in your brand, the discounts applicable, etc. This will affect the purchasing power and their decision making. So, when they get one hand information, taking decision will be easy.

The side effect of sending messages regularly is that the customers sometimes get irritated as he/she is being disturbed from their regular duties. If there is an interaction between you and the customer, assume that the customer is really interested in your products/services, else choose one more alternative method to convince the customer.

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