6 Important Aspects To Consider When Choosing The Right Moving Company For Your Move

Right Moving Company

Published on May 30th, 2018

At a certain point in our life, change comes and sometimes we find ourselves moving from one house to another or even from state to state. Moving is not easy! It can be a hectic, tiring and overwhelming experience that no one would love to go through.

Moving companies were designed to make life easy for anyone who is moving. But who can you trust to move your entire personal belongings and give them the same care as you? Making this decision can be tough.

Choosing the right moving company will ensure that you hire a mover who understands your specific moving requirements and have great customer care services.

This checklist shows the important aspects you ought to consider in finding the right one

  1. Timing – Time is everything when it comes to making the right decision. If you make a rushed decision, it is because you did not take time to plan ahead. When planning for a move, take your time to search through the internet, read reviews for the 20 best moving companies, and talk to family and friends. Give yourself plenty of time to shop around so that you are not disappointed by rushed decisions.
  2. Shortlist – Prepare a short list of companies that have great reviews both from word of mouth and the internet. Begin to narrow down on your selection by matching your specific moving needs to their services.
  3. Be very specific – Your move will determine who you should contact or hire to do the move. If you are moving international, then you can only hire an international mover. Identify the most important service criteria to help you get the right moving company faster.
  4. Final mover selection – Two key determinants should impact your decision; service quality and price. Contact a few of the companies that are close to your moving requirements and get different quotations that you can compare to see which moving company to settle with.
  5. Be on the lookout for the quality of service offered – Before signing your contract, assess the customer service offered both in correspondence and in person. The first meeting should tell you a lot about the company, so be on the lookout.
  6. Obtain your quotes early enough – The sole reason you are taking your time is so you can let go of companies that are way too expensive for you to afford. Don’t allow yourself to be dragged into spending money you did not intend to. Have a budget and work around it to see that you get the services you deserve.


Take home

It will get easy if you talk to various companies and see the feedback you receive. Talk to them as early as you can to be able to change your mind well before the moving day.

Ensure that you also understand every bit of the contract before signing it and ask as many questions as you can to get a clearer picture. Lastly, agree on the packing details and the moving time to ensure you are all in agreement before the moving day. With these great tips, you are guaranteed a happy move!