25 Romantic Holiday Movie Captions For Cozy Nights In With Bae


November 20th, 2019   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

Love is a beautiful feeling and it is really exciting when you get to spend some me-time with your partner. In fact, such moments are cherished for a lifetime and there are no words to describe the essence of it all.

The movies that are made these days can be helpful in depicting the love and companionship experienced.

In fact some of the dialogues shared in these movies match with your situation so well that you are left wondering if they were written only for you both. Want to know more?

Read this list of 25 romantic holiday movie captions that would match up to your feeling of being with your lover.

These captions have been picked up from some of the best romantic movies of all times and reading them is sufficient for you to grasp the beauty of this exotic feeling.

Go through the list and we are sure you would agree that they are particularly suitable to the mood that you and your partner are in at that moment.

Least to say you would want to keep saying them to each other as time passes and your love becomes stronger.

1. “I Suppose I Think About Love More Than Anyone Really Should. I Am Constantly Amazed By Its Sheer Power To Alter And Define Our Lives.” — The Holiday

2. “If You Were A Melody… I Used Only The Good Notes.” — The Holiday


3. “Ok. I’m Sorry. I Didn’t Mean To Kiss You Twice… And Then Linger A Long Time On The Second Kiss.” — The Holiday


4. “The Truth Was That I Fell In Love With You.” — While You Were Sleeping


5. “The Second Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer Is Watching Holiday Movies With You.”


6. “I’m Looking For Corny In My Life.” — The Holiday

7. “You Have Such A Pretty Face, You Should Be On A Christmas Card.” — Elf


8. “I Mean, You Didn’t Exactly Ask Me Out… But You Did Say You Loved Me… So I’m Thinking I’ve Got A Date.” — The Holiday


9. “I’m In Love. I’m In Love, And I Don’t Care Who Knows It.” — Elf


10. “Our Love Is Like What You See In A Hallmark Christmas Movie.”


11. “It’s A Wonderful Life Watching Christmas Movies With You.”

12. “I Would Travel Through The Seven Levels Of The Candy Cane Forest, Pass The Sea Of Swirly, Twirly Gumdrops For You.” — A Take On The Quote From Elf


13. “First, We’ll Make Snow Angels For Two Hours, Then We’ll Go Ice Skating, Then We’ll Eat A Whole Roll Of Tollhouse Cookie Dough As Fast As We Can, And Then We’ll Snuggle.” — Elf


14. “I Think You’re Really Beautiful And I Feel Really Warm When I’m Around You And My Tongue Swells Up.” — Elf


15. “It Might Be That The People I Love Is, In Fact… You.” — Love Actually


16. “If You Look For It, I’ve Got A Sneaky Feeling You’ll Find That Love Actually Is All Around.” — Love Actually

17. “That’s What Christmas Memories Are Made From, They’re Not Planned, They’re Not Scheduled, Nobody Puts Them In Their Blackberry, They Just Happen.” — Deck The Halls


18. “[…] I Finally Know What I Want And That, In Itself, Is A Miracle. And What I Want Is You.” — The Holiday


19. “I Just Want To Cry, Cuddle, And Watch Christmas Movies With You.”


20. “There May Not Be Such A Thing As A Perfect Job, A Perfect Life Or A Perfect Family, But There Is Such A Thing As A Perfect Moment.” — Holiday In Handcuffs


21. “When You Realize You Want To Spend The Rest Of Your Life With Somebody, You Want The Rest Of Your Life To Start As Soon As Possible.” — When Harry Met Sally

22. “If You Wanted To Pop By Some Time That Might Be Nice… More Than Nice.” — Bridget Jones’s Diary


23. “We’re Simply Meant To Be.” — The Nightmare Before Christmas


24. “I Bet Watching Us Is Like Watching A Lifetime Christmas Movie Come To Life.”


25. “I Have Another Scenario For You — I’m In Love With You.” — The Holiday