6 Safety Measures For Construction Site

essential construction safety measures

Published on April 26th, 2023

Workers in construction sites are more exposed to the risk of injuries and accidents as compared to other occupations.

Construction work is high risk as thousands of people get injured. But it is possible to stay safe on a construction site. To ensure the safe completion of any project, you need to take measures to keep the employees safe.

Because all the projects are different, health and safety need to be constant and consistent on your site.

Here are some safety tips for construction sites to keep workers and visitors safe.

1. Ask Workers To Wear PPE

All workers and visitors on the construction site should wear the required PPE to reduce exposure to various hazards on the worksite.

It should be mandatory for all workers to wear PPE. Inform them about the importance of wearing safety gadgets and how avoiding it can cause injuries.

Common PPEs include helmets, goggles, gloves, earmuffs, boots, suits, and high-visibility vests.

2. Follow Safety Signs

Safety signs should be put up on hazardous construction sites. These signs allow management to warn and raise health and safety awareness for everyone on site.

Workers should be instructed and made familiar with the construction site safety tips and different signs like prohibition signs, warning signs, mandatory signs, firefighting equipment signs, and much more.

3. Keep The Site Tidy

Another safety measure is to keep the site clean and tidy at the end of the day. Ensure that debris, dust, loose nails, and stagnant water from the excavation are just not lying around the site.

The construction site should be cleaned daily to keep it cluttered and free to prevent slips and trips. The site should be cleared away of any plugged tools and equipment when not in use.

4. Store Tools Properly

Ensure that no tools are lying around after completing a task. Unplug and power tools immediately after use. If left unattended, someone could trip over and get injured.

Following construction site rules will help prevent tools from getting damaged or even causing injury to workers. All the tools should be organized in the right place after work for easy navigation.

In case a tool is being operated on, you should put up a sign to allow visitors to know about it.

5. Use The Right Equipment

Most often accidents can occur when the wrong equipment is used. Sometimes, the workers are not trained enough to operate equipment and that leads to an accident.

Consider using high-quality access equipment hire in Melbourne to ensure safe operation during projects. Use the correct tool to get the job done quicker and safer.

6. Report Issues Immediately

Even if workers may not know how to solve any issue, they should at least report it immediately to the attending manager. Workers should be trained to report defects and near misses on site as soon as they notice them.

The sooner the issues get reported, the fewer chances of worsening conditions. Injuries at the site could be stopped and even avoided if issues are taken care of timely.