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8 Safety Tips For Buying Clothes Online In India

Buying Clothes Online In India_3

December 26th, 2018   |   Updated on January 18th, 2019

With the advent of the internet and the increased adoption of e-commerce, buying and selling are a notch higher in India, just as it is in the rest of the world.

But with such increased activity, the rates of cybercrimes have also gone a notch higher, since with so many people shopping online, there are increased opportunities for cybercriminals to hit multiple targets.

It, therefore, means that you have to be very vigilant if you want to shop successfully online and leave without getting into any troubles. For those interested in buying clothes online in India, here are some safety tips to help you have a safe shopping experience.


1. Shop From Familiar

Buying Clothes Online In India

The first tip towards buying clothes online in India is to make your purchase from familiar and trusted websites.

There are big online ecommerce stores such as Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, and also Stylecaret which is one of the fastest growing ecommerce startups, and purchasing from them is likely to give you a better experience than going to a store that is hardly known to the people.

The other beauty of using a familiar store is that you can easily reach them because they are a brand keen on making a name for themselves, they will be likely to respond to phone calls or answer emails should something go wrong with your purchase.


2. Look For The Lock On The Address Bar

Buying Clothes Online In India

One way scammers and online criminals use to steal personal data from sites are through sites that don’t encrypt the information they send over the internet.

This is why it is important to ensure that you shop online on websites whose security you can authenticate. This does not mean that you learn about cybersecurity, but for a shopping website, all you have to look out for is a padlock at the address bar of the website.

The appearance of a padlock is an indication that the site is well secured and all data sent through it will be encrypted, and as such, it will be very difficult for the scammers to intercept and use it to hurt you because of your online activities.


3. Don’t Share Too Much Information

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You have to be very careful with the kind of information you give when shopping for clothes online in India. There is certain information that is not relevant or necessary.

All you should always give is your credit card details and your address so that you the item can be delivered to your home. You should be very careful with a website requesting you to give additional information such as your social security number, bank PIN, and date of birth amongst others.

Those are irrelevant for the purposes of online shopping and if you are ever requested for such, simply decline and if possible, don’t continue shopping on that online store.


4. Check Your Statement Regularly

Buying Clothes Online In India_3

If you usually purchase online, you should not wait until the end of the month for you to check your balance. You could be surprised to go and find that you made an expensive monthly subscription that will be taking money from you each and every month.

Check your card statements on a regular basis so that you can tell immediately something is amiss and report for necessary action to be taken. Credit card theft happens all the time and if you are not keeping a keen eye on your card, you may never know when your card might have gotten compromised.


5. Be Careful With Your Computer

Buying Clothes Online In India

Online swindlers will not just sit around and wait for you to give them your card details. Some are very active and will take certain lethal proactive measures to steal all manner of data from your computer.

The common mode of such is for them to trick you into installing a spyware or malware into your computer and this is what they will use to get the login details of your online accounts, and with that, they will have a through-pass at hanging you dry.

To reduce the chances of this happening, be sure to have an active anti-virus for your computer and make it a habit to scan your computer on a regular basis for spyware and malware. You should also be very careful with the links you click on the emails as well as the programs you install in your computer.

Stick to programs from reputable vendors, and if you suspect anything suspicious, you must not go ahead with the installation of the program.


6. Make Your Wi-Fi Private

Make Your Wi-Fi Private

If you are doing your online shopping using a public hotspot, ensure that you use only the known networks. Hackers who know what they are doing can always compromise public hot spots and hack into people devices, stealing a wide range of sensitive information. A private network will lower such risks and it is also highly recommended that you use a virtual private network for extra security.


7. Be Careful When Shopping Using Public Terminals

Buying Clothes Online In India_5

It is easy and safe to hand over your credit card to be swiped when making your purchases on the stores, but the same is never the case when you are out with your laptop and you need to key in the details of your credit card.

When you do that in public, you are giving an over-the-shoulder access to any criminal who might be snoopy enough to have the resources to spy on targets covertly.

Depending on where you are, there could be cameras to spy on people and capture their credit card information. To be safe when using public terminals, be sure to sit on the back while facing the door to ensure that there is no one behind you and you can see everyone walking into the room.


8. Create Very Strong Passwords

Create Very Strong Passwords

Weak passwords are the number one reason why people get scammed online. When you create a password, ensure that it is strong enough and not something that a hacker can easily crack and have access to your account.

Let it be a combination of letters and characters of decent length to make it very difficult for anyone to guess correctly and have access to your online accounts.


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