14 Secret Rules For Playboy Bunnies At The Mansion That Are Too Hard To Believe

Secret Rules For Playboy Bunnies

August 7th, 2018   |   Updated on August 16th, 2018

Are you sure about your career? What do you want to do in your life? From which profession will you earn money? What is the easiest way to earn money?

These are the various questions you want to find for yourself. When you find the answers are not that simple, then you choose the easiest way.


You know about the people who want to choose the entertainment career option for them. Their main goal is to become a Playboy bunny. Yes, it is true. There are many people who want to become a playboy bunny.

Most people think that Playboy bunnies are rich enough and they are staying in a big mansion. But the truth is far more different from it. There are many strict rules which you will have to follow in that huge mansion.


It is not a glamorous career option at all. There are some rules which make sure that being a playboy bunny is not that much easy.


1. Initiation Test

Initiation Test

Hugh Hefner does not allow anyone in the playboy mansion. The playmates have to pass an initiation test which is taken in his bedroom.


2. Participation


The girlfriends of Hugh Hefner have to engage in sexual activities with him whenever he wants. This is considered as the active participation. But the young girls do not enjoy this as much as he did.


3. Allotment


$1000 was given to all his girlfriends as weekly allowances. But this allowance is only for their clothes. They are advised not to spend the money on anything else except clothes. Clothes are very important to him.


4. Silence Is The Policy

Silence Is The Policy

At the time of the interview, Hugh Hefner cannot allow his playmates to speak a word. Every girl should keep her mouth shut when Hefner is speaking. They can only speak when Hugh Hefner allows them to do so.


5. The Principal Girlfriend

The Principal Girlfriend

There are no girls who want to be Hugh Hefner’s principal girlfriend. Someone thinks that it is a luxurious title for a girl. But in reality, it is not at all like this. It is just a tag. The girl has to share the same room with Hugh Hefner. There are no extra gifts and rewards with that particular title.


6. The Car Benefit

The Car Benefit

Hefner allows his girls to drive around in fancy cars when they are living only in the huge mansion. They are allowed to park their cars there. The main facilities in the big mansion are clothes, jewellery, and fancy cars. These things are quite impressive about the whole mansion.


7. The Clones Of Hugh

The Clones Of Hugh

There is no choice for your own preference. Individual personality is not a thing for the mansion. You have to look like a clone which Hugh wants you to be. He prefers white skin tone with no pigmentations and white glossy hair. His interest is in busty blondes with bright blonde hair.


8. Dirty Mansion

Dirty Mansion

The mansion is not clean enough. The carpets are full of stains and many rooms in the mansion are full of dust. So the mansion is not clean all the time. Everything in the mansion is quite messy and dirty. The decoration of the house is perfect for a porn film shooting. But for the living, the décor is not at all perfect.


9. Bear The Expenses

Bear The Expenses

There is no specific limit in the case of a girl’s beauty. Hugh spends a lot of money for the girl’s plastic surgeries. The girls do not need to take any pressure about their beauty treatments. Hugh is always ready to spend money on such things.


10. The Party Time

The Party Time

It is a lot of fun for the girls at the time of the party. They feel relaxed and free in such parties. But they have to sit close to Hugh Hefner. Apart from this, there are lots of celebrities who come to join the party. Then the girls have an opportunity to choose an affluent and powerful man for them.


11. The Routine

The Routine

There are some strict rules in the mansion. Everyone has to follow the routine. The girls have to abide by the mansion’s policies which are created by Hugh Hefner. He is the invisible God in the house.


12. Trapped In The Mansion

Trapped In The Mansion

The girls are trapped in that big mansion. The girls are not allowed to talk to every man. There is a big restriction about this. The girls have to obey the rules.


13. Restriction


Hugh Hefner does not allow his girls to do party after 9 pm. You have to follow the restriction. If you are a party lover, basically, a night out lover, then you have to sacrifice your fun for this career. Because Hugh Hefner does not allow you to do so. There are no more activities after 9 pm.


14. The preparation

The preparation

Hugh Hefner is perfectly done all his preparations. He keeps Baby Oil, Vaseline and Kleenex in every room of the huge mansion. He prepares for all the time. There is no time for you to search for these things when you are making love or doing sex.

It is not possible to judge a book by its cover. You have to enter the room for the actual scenario. From the outside, you can say that the lives of the girls are marvelous. But in reality, it is not true. There are many restrictions for the girls. They feel trapped all the time.

They have to obey all the rules by Hugh Hefner. There is no other chance for them. They cannot escape from there. Their life is being shattered in the big mansion. There are no individual preferences for them. Hugh Hefner is the ultimate boss in the house. If you want to stay there, you have to obey him. There are no other options for the girls.

Obviously, it is their personal choice. But this is the whole scenario for them who are still thinking that this particular career option suits them better than anything else.

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