20 Reasons Why We Wish Sheldon Cooper Was Our Best Friend

Sheldon Cooper

June 14th, 2017   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

If you’re down in the dumps, Sheldon is just the man to cheer you up. He might not tell you exactly what you want to hear, but he always speaks the truth and isn’t afraid to have those real talk conversations that make other people uncomfortable.

1. He brings the best party platters.

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2. He’s fearless.

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3. He defends his friends against online trolls.

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4. He’s mastered the art of organization.

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5. He’s always down for some real talk.

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6. He manages to make arguments entertaining.

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7. He’s a strong believer in putting safety first.

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8. He knows exactly what to do when someone gets the sniffles.

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9. He’s brimming with the greatest relationship advice.

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10. His innocence is endearing.

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11. He leaves little room for surprises.

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12. His jokes are topnotch.

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13. He recognizes his faults, as well as his strengths.

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14. He’s persistent, which proves that he cares.

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15. He’s there to help you celebrate your biggest milestones.

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16. His personal drama is incredibly entertaining.

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17. He’s an excellent gift-giver.

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18. He makes sure his friends feel included.

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19. He’d never let anyone take your spot in line.

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20. He makes you feel better when you’re upset.

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