9 Benefits Of Shipping Your Vehicle For A Long Distance Move

Shipping Your Vehicle for a Long Distance Move

Published on June 16th, 2023

A long-distance move is a big, life-changing event that promises exciting new beginnings. But there’s often one big challenge. What do you do with your car? Do you drive thousands of miles to your new home, or is there another way?

If you’re one of the nearly 7.9 million Americans that move states each year, this can be a dilemma. The idea of driving on unfamiliar roads, spending endless hours behind the wheel, and worrying about the wear and tear on your precious car is anything but appealing.

Picture this instead—your car, securely loaded and delivered straight to your new doorstep. This undeniably sensible option is called vehicle shipping.

Read on as we delve into nine benefits of shipping your vehicle for a long-distance move. By the end of this article, you’ll see why this option is a convenient and practical solution. Let’s embark on this journey together!

Save Time

One of the most significant benefits of shipping your car during a long-distance move is the time saved. Instead of spending days (or even weeks) on the road, you can delegate the task to professionals and focus on other essential aspects of your move.

Reduce Wear And Tear

Shipping your vehicle reduces the wear and tear it can suffer on a long journey. Your car remains stationary during transport, sparing it from the onslaught of miles that would have otherwise been added to the odometer.

Save Money

You might be surprised to learn that shipping your car can save you money. Long-distance driving involves unavoidable expenses, such as fuel, food, accommodation, and vehicle maintenance. Shipping your vehicle eliminates all of these costs.

Safety Concerns

Shipping your car or vehicle also means less risk of accidents or breakdowns. These very real dangers can include drowsiness, distracted driving, or simply confusion while on unfamiliar roads.

Professional vehicle transport services ensure your car is handled carefully and safely, alleviating the dangers of long-distance driving.

Simplify The Move

If you’ve ever attempted a long-distance move, you know the process can be overwhelming. It’s a big deal! By choosing to ship your vehicle, you eliminate one major stressor, making your move more manageable.

Insurance Protection

Reputable vehicle shipping companies provide insurance coverage during transport. This means that in the unlikely event that your car sustains damage during transit, you’re covered. Isn’t that a weight off your mind?

Professional Services

Vehicle shipping companies specialize in moving cars safely and efficiently. They’re knowledgeable in navigating complex logistics, and their professional expertise adds an extra layer of reliability. Essentially, you’re making this someone else’s problem.

Flexible Options

Many vehicle transport services offer door-to-door delivery, making the process even more convenient. However, you can opt for terminal-to-terminal shipping if you prefer, providing you with a range of options when you choose to ship your car.

Multiple Vehicle Shipping

If you have more than one car, shipping companies can handle multiple vehicles simultaneously. This added convenience is a game-changer for families with multiple cars or collectors moving their prized possessions.

Understanding The Process Of Shipping Your Vehicle

Thankfully, shipping your car or vehicle is easier than most people think. Typically, it involves an initial quote, booking the service, preparing your vehicle, pickup, transport, and delivery. Here’s what that looks like.

Initial Quote

Before committing to any service, you’ll want to research the cost to ship a car and gather as much information as you need to make the right decision. This can often be done online and will give you a rough estimate of what shipping your vehicle will cost.

Booking Services

After you’ve found a company that meets your budget and requirements, the next step is booking the service. This involves providing details about the vehicle, pickup and delivery locations, and preferred shipping dates.

Preparing Your Vehicle

Preparation is key when it comes to shipping your car. You’ll need to remove personal belongings, check fluid levels, secure any loose parts, and document the vehicle’s condition. Doing so not only protects your vehicle but also ensures a smooth shipping process.


On the scheduled day, the transport company will pick up your vehicle from your preferred location. A final inspection will be done to note any existing damages for comparison upon delivery.


Your vehicle is then loaded onto a carrier and transported. Most shipping companies offer tracking services, allowing you to monitor the journey of your vehicle and set your mind at ease.


Upon arrival at the destination, the vehicle is offloaded, and another inspection is done to ensure no damage occurred during transit. Once everything checks out, your vehicle is ready to be received.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vehicle Shipping

To assist you further, let’s address some common queries about vehicle shipping:

How Long Does It Take To Ship A Car?

Shipping times can vary depending on several factors, including the distance of the move, the route, and the transport method. However, most companies offer an estimate once the details of the move are known.

Is Vehicle Shipping Safe?

Absolutely! Shipping companies are regulated by the Department of Transport and are required to adhere to safety standards. Additionally, insurance coverage adds an extra layer of protection.

Can I Pack Personal Items In My Car?

This varies from company to company. While some may allow a limited number of personal items, it’s generally advised to remove all personal belongings before shipping.

Can I Track My Vehicle During Shipping?

Yes! Many companies offer tracking services, enabling you to monitor your vehicle’s journey until it’s delivered safely to your new home.

Simplify Your Long-Distance Move

Making a long-distance move can be complicated, but shipping your vehicle will ease a significant portion of this burden. From personal safety, cost, and time savings to reduced wear and tear on your vehicle, the benefits are numerous.

As you plan your next move, consider the advantages that shipping your car can bring. With the information in this article, you’re well-equipped to make the best decision for you and your family.

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