Why This Incredibly Hygienic Famous Fashion Designer Doesn’t Want You To Wash Your Bra After Every Wear

How often should you wash your bra

Published on July 10th, 2019

Every bra-wearing woman wanted to hear this. Why should you wash your bra after every wear? Stella McCartney wants you not to wash your bra after every wear as overzealous washing can actually damage it.

And what about the rest of your wardrobe?

She wants every woman to follow this basic rule: “If you don’t absolutely have to clean anything, don’t clean it.”

She calls herself as incredibly hygienic, yet she hates to change her bra every day and doesn’t throw it into the washing machine it’s been worn.

Do experts agree with her? Should you pick your clothes out of laundry basket and put it back on? Can you?

It seems experts don’t agree with Stella McCartney.

Scroll down to find why you should celebrate your boobs, but not your dirty bra.

1. Pants: Wash Every Day


Microbiologist Dr. Katie Laird of De Montfort University wants you to wash your nickers every day because it remains too close to the groin area. If you don’t you may get Staph Infection.

2. Bras: Wash Every One To Three Wears

Dr. Katie Laird does not agree with what the famous fashion designer says about washing her bra. A bra is one of those clothes that are in intimate contact with your skin. So wash it every one to three years to maintain personal hygiene.

However, Chartered environmental health practitioner Dr. Lisa Ackerley, seems to partially agree with the fashion designer, as she recommends wash it every day if sweat a lot.

3. Jeans: Should It Never Be Washed?

Levi’s CEO and President Chip Bergh revealed in 2014 that he had never washed his decade-old favorite pair.

Some say washing jeans alters the make-up of the material.

Recommendations range from never wash to wash in cold water with a few capfuls of white vinegar to put in the freezer overnight to kill bacteria.

Julia Dee, director of Total Wardrobe Care, wants you to wash your jeans after every two years.

4. Pajama: Wash Twice A Week


Pajamas are in intimate contact with your skin, but that does not mean you should put on the same pair every evening without bothering to throwing it off in the washing machine.

Dr. Laird says bacteria can remain on a garment for 21 days if it’s not cleaned.

5. Hosiery: Wash Every Day

To avoid bacterial infections such as Erythrasma, change your socks or tights every day. Do you know Erythrasma thrives between the toes and leads to brown, scaly skin patches?

Lizzie Tipping, an owner of sock company Popasox, suggests you wash your socks at 60c to kill more germs. This way you can avoid moisture build-up.