20 Silver Linings From Which We Can Learn To Do Better Moving Forward

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Published on December 5th, 2020

“By walking on the right path, you create a golden fate for yourself and you also become a silver lining for the others!” said Mehmet Murat ildan, author of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

Not all of things that happen in our life are positive ones. More often we encounter painful experiences. But these negative things can bring the best out of us.

We have listed 20 silver linings from which we can learn to do better moving forward.

1. Be Optimistic

2. Practice Compassion

3. Use Positive Mantras

4. Avoid Catastrophizing

5. Do Service Work

6. Watch Out For ‘What If’ Thinking

7. Be Grateful

8. Model A Positive Attitude For Your Children

9. Be A Socially Responsible Leader

10. Remember Your Prior Successes

11. Know Your Triggers

12. Question Your Thinking

13. Practice Forgiveness

Practice forgiveness
14. Learn When To Approach A Situation With Acceptance, Courage, And Wisdom

15. Practice Healthy Life Habits

Practice healthy life habits
16. Find Good Role Models

17. Find Things To Look Forward To

18. Consider It A Challenge

19. Do The Things That Bring You Joy

20. Start Each Day With Positivity