65+Stunning Aerial Photographs Offer Rare Bird’s-Eye View From Sea To Mountains

Stunning Aerial Photographs Offer Rare Bird’s-Eye View

Published on August 10th, 2018

The drone technology has opened up a plethora of opportunities everywhere from the battlefields to beaches. However, it provides new possibilities to photographers who want to give new dimensions to their shots.

These are the stunning Aerial pictures that offer a rare bird’s-eye view of the landscape across the world. There are so many amazing places in whole world. We have spectacular deserts, mountains, glacier, lakes, canyons and man-made structures.

1. Is there anything more perfect than this?

Stunning Aerial Photographs


2. Simply breathtaking!

The Vatican, Vatican City


3. Beauty lies in symmetry

Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany


4. The spellbinding Colosseum at Rome

Colosseum, Rome

5. Hero’s Square at Budapest

Budapest, Hungary


6. Christ the Redeemer looking over Rio

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


7. As pretty as a lotus

Lotus Temple, New Delhi


8. The ever-beautiful Amsterdam

Amsterdam Westerdok


9. Wah, Taj!

Taj Mahal


10. Our beloved Tricolour soaring high at Lal Qila

Delhi, India


11. Imperfect, yet stunning!

Vienna, Austria


12. ‘Emerald City’ shining bright

Seattle, Washington


13. La Plata in all its glory

La Plata in all its glory


14. Just WOW!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


15. Sky is the limit

Toronto, Ontario


16. A festival in the sky

Cappadocia, Turkey


17. God made Earth and man made it better

Cesky Krumlov


18. Royalty in a picture

Amer Palace, Aerial Photographs Of Cities


19. The city of Lillies is as pretty as a flower

The city of Lillies


20. And finally, another magnificent picture of the Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, Aerial Photographs Of Cities

21. ‘City of love’ for a reason

Paris, France


22. An aerial picture was taken by Jassen Todorov of Lake Powell in Utah, which is a major reservoir on the Colorado River


23. This picture from the unusual bird’s-eye angle shows the Natural Bridges National Monument formed by rocks in Utah


24. Another shot showing the Natural Bridges National Monument, which was declared a national monument more than 100 years ago


25. Wispy clouds linger over a waterfall in Yosemite National Park in California in another shot taken from the air


26. Photographer Mr Todorov says that flying is a spiritual experience and sharing these images with others gives him great pleasure


27. Many of Mr Todorov’s pictures show a different angle to American life. Pictured is the Cedar Breaks National Monument in Utah


28. Mr Todorov says he enjoys taking pictures of rivers, lakes and mountains. Pictured is the Great Salt Lake in Utah


29. Mr Todorov said: ‘There are so many amazing places here in the US, we have spectacular deserts, mountains, glacier, lakes, canyons and man-made structures’


30. This stunning shot captures tiny islands that lie off the coast of Florida. From this angle they almost look like models


31. Off the coast of Florida, many tiny islands litter the sea, which Mr Todorov has been able to capture on camera from above


32. The greenery, trees and swamp land of the Florida Keys can be seen in this aerial shot taken from a light aircraft


33. Small boats in the summer can be seen moored off Lake Tahoe, which is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California


34. Mr Todorov’s contrasting shot in winter shows snow around the banks of Lake Tahoe in the mountains of California


35. The Intrepid Potash evaporation ponds in the Moab area, Utah. Intrepid Potash is the largest producer of potassium chloride, also know as muriate of potash, in the US. Blue dye is added to speed up evaporation


36. Beach surfers at Maroubra, New South Wales



37. Meanwhile in the Ivory Coast, a worker takes a moment to rest on bales of cotton



38. Malin captures the timeless elegance of Saint-Tropez, France



39. Find summer bliss in Gray Malin’s Azul Beach, Brazil



40. A bird’s-eye view of a dromedary caravan near Nouakchott, Mauritania



41. New York City’s Yankee Stadium has never looked this good



42. A surreal shot of Barcelona, Spain


43. The Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone National Park is the largest hot spring in America.



44. A frightening but natural scene at Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park.



45. The city’s tallest buildings are flanked by an impressive sunset – while the big wheel attraction offers a sense of scale

singapore photos


46. Local officials are working towards Singapore’s ‘City in a Garden’ dream, making it more environmentally friendly

singapur city

47. The most soothing waves you’ll ever see.



48. A sea of rubber, or a tire scrap yard, is as fascinating as it is atrocious.



49. Private yachts are immaculately moored in one of the ciy’s ever-popular marinas, which offer respite from crowds

singapur image


50. A collection of look-a-like houses populate the waterside of the Southeast Asian ‘island city’

singapur city photo


51. Singapore is famous for being a global financial center with a tropical climate and multicultural population

singapore images


52. The motorway intersection offers a romantic interpretation thanks to lighting and bird’s eye perspective

singapore pictures


53. Illuminated with a purple hue, one of Singapore’s main entertainment complexes is hard to miss

singapore city images

54. A glimpse of a lumber yard in Port-Gentil, Ogooué-Maritime Province, Gabon.



55. Ever been in Los Angeles traffic? Be glad you’re not in it now!



56. The world-famous, multi-million Suntec City complex

pictures of singapore


57. This luxury apartment complex is capped with spacious rooftop access, which comes to life from an aerial view

singapore city photos


58. Once defined by grim tower blocks, Singapore is now embracing a greener, more aesthetically-pleasing look

singapur photo


59. Another architectural creation is beautifully colour co-ordinated in contrasting blue and white

singapore pics


60. A trio of identical tower blocks are surrounded by lush green trees in central Singapore

singapur pic


61. A flock of sheep keeping busy.



62. Everything in its place.



63. Stark contrast made by snow.



64. Just between Ravenna and Rimini, you’ll find these lovely seaside resorts at the Adriatic coastline of Italy.



65. Arthus-Bertrand’s shot of an islet in the terraced rice fields of Bali, Indonesia.



66. A look at center pivot irrigation in Ma’an, Jordan.



67. A striking view of Central Park.



68. The Canadian Coast Guard’s icebreaker, the Louis-Saint-Laurent, in Resolute Bay.



69. Soak in this scene of the charming Cayman Islands.


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