Cute Tattoos To Express Your Individuality

Tattoos To Express Your Individuality

October 29th, 2017   |   Updated on July 18th, 2018

In a modern society, everyone tries to set themselves apart from the rest of the world and when somebody chooses to get the skin inked, it is the form of individualization. The image on the skin can complement your style, be a supportive tool for the self-expression or put an emphasis on your attitude towards life.

There are many tattoos, which can help you to express your personality. We’ve rounded up the best tattoo ideas for men and women with meanings. Scroll down and get inspired by these cute and offbeat tattoos.

Tatoos For Women

Women are always looking for new ways to express their personality and emphasize their beauty. Tattoo art is one of the most effective ways to do it.

1. Disney Tattoos

Disney Tattoos

The world of Disney is admired by a lot of people over the globe and not only children are fans of it. Women with a sensitive and romantic nature, who believe in fairy tales and have an adventurous spirit, go for these tattoos. They carry numerous meanings:

  • Women identify themselves with the heroines of cartoons. Thus, Mulan tattoo stands for the idea of self-sacrifice and bravery, two halves of a Sleeping Beauty showthat each woman has kind and dark sides. Also, Ariel and Snow White images convey naivety. Also, Neverland characters signify a woman with an adventurous spirit,whereas Pocahontas means the woman with a pure soul. Besides, Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella tattoos show that every woman is fearless and curious.
  • Mickey Mouse balloons help to express that every human is a child deep inside.
  • The rose from the “Beauty and the Beast” points out the immortality of love.
  • The Cheshire cat tattoo is worn by the woman with a well-developed intuition.
  • The Lion King outline indicates a noble and compassionate personality.
  • Mickey and Minnie sharing a kiss is a tattoo, devoted to a loved one.
  • Quotes from different cartoons denote the person’s attitude towards life.
  • Animals from cartoons are always adorable tattoos. Thus, Bembi, Dumbo, Dalmatians, the Fox and the Hound, the Lady and the Tramp indicate strong love, friendship,and loyalty.

The prevailing styles are cartoon, pin-up styles, hyper-realism, surrealism, watercolor, black and white.
The most popular tattoo places are chests, necks, ears, lower backs, legs and hips, feet and wrists.

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2. A Snowflake Tattoo 

A Snowflake Tattoo

Snowflakes are unique as they have an intricate pattern and a perfect geometric shape. Many women choose the snowflake tattoo as it carries various meanings:

  • Due to its unusual shape and pattern, each snowflake is unique. Thus, it may be the symbol of individuality.
  • The snowflake disappears fast, so it represents the transience of life.
  • Snowflakes are associated with winter, Christmas and merry holidays.
  • Snowflakes fall from the sky quietly, so they mean calmness and harmony.
  • Snowflakes cover the ground and resemble a white blanket. Therefore, they act as a symbol of purity, divine beauty, and rebirth.
  • Snowflakes transform into water, so they are perceived as a symbol of transformation.

This tattoo is done in a realistic style, Celtic, Tribal, watercolor styles. The most popular areas for the tattoo are the shoulder blade, the breast, the hip, the neck, feet, the wrist.


3. Flower Tattoos

Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoos have been always connected with femininity and delicate beauty. In the past years, these tattoos have got a resurgence in popularity. Not all flowersare used in the tattoo art. The women go for the most vivid designs with a deep symbolism. They are:

  • A lotus flower is tied with different global cultures and religions.
  • In Greek mythology, this flower symbolized apathy and a white lotus was the sign of modesty. For Egyptians, this flower indicated the passage to the afterlife. InIndian and Asian culture, lotus was the sign of femininity and beauty.
  • In Hindu religion, the flower is called the Padma. It represents beauty, purity, spiritual awakening.
  • In Buddhism, the lotus flower symbolizes purity of the body, mind, and spirit. It is often depicted with eight petals.
  • Depending on the color, lotus may indicate spiritual enlightenment (a white flower), intelligence, wisdom, growth (a blue lotus), spirituality (a purple lotus),love, passion (a red lotus).

Usually, the tattoo is done in a tribal style, traditional, realistic and watercolor. Depending on the size, it is placed on the arms, wrists, the back, the neck,feet, legs.

A rose tattoo is one of the oldest and the most popular tattoos.

  • In ancient Greece, the rose represented love.
  • In American culture, it is the sign of a new beginning.
  • The rose with thorns means the loss of love, sadness.
  • Depending on the color, the flower may indicate true love and devotion (red and yellow roses), youth, purity, fascination, enthusiasm (orange and white roses),darkness and sadness (a black rose), fragility, grace (a pink rose).

A daisy tattoo is a common symbol for women of different ages. It offers many variations and styling options. The major meanings are:

  • In Christianity, the daisy represents innocence.
  • A red daisy indicates youthful energy.
  • A yellow daisy means intelligence.
  • A white and a blue daisy mean innocence and balance.

A cherry blossom tattoo is on the rise today as a Japanese style is admired by many women. It does not only look bold, but it also has a deep symbolism:

A lily is a well-recognized flower, which is chosen by many women. It may have several meanings:

  • For the Chinese, the flower symbolizes innocence and purity.
  • It is a symbol of a strong and long-lasting relationship.
  • In Egypt, the lily represented sexuality.
  • For Christians, the lily was the symbol of the Virgin Mary. Thus, it represents a pure heart and soul.
  • In ancient Greece, the flower was identified with perfection and divine femininity.

Flower tattoos are usually done in watercolor, traditional, neo-traditional styles, realism, linework, dotwork. All body areas may be chosen for this tattoo.

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4. The Moon Tattoo

The Moon Tattoo
This is a special tattoo for women as, since olden times, the moon was considered the patroness of all women. Therefore, the primary meaning of the tattoo is motherhood, care, and marital bonds. Other meanings comprise:

  • Native Americans have associated the moon with the night and night creatures such as owls and wolves. So, the meaning of the tattoo is power, wisdom, dominance,and mystery.
  • The moon changes its phases, so it means growth and rebirth.
  • A crescent moon means the expulsion of negative energy from all spheres of life.
  • A full moon stands for power and positive changes in life.
  • The blue moon is chosen to celebrate personal accomplishments.
  • The cat and the moon have the aura of mystery. This tattoo indicates mystery, emphasizes the enigmatic side of your character.
  • The moon and the stars represent freedom, the connection with the family, feminine power and fertility.

The styles for the tattoo are black and white, dotwork, realism, traditional, watercolor. You may see these tattoos on the neck, on the side, on the back, on the hip, the chest, and arms.


5. Feather Tattoos

Feather Tattoos

Feather tattoos are chosen over bird tattoos sometimes. The underlying reasons are that they carry a deep symbolism, may be combined with other symbols and look greatin any style. Their meanings are the following:

  • Feathers indicate freedom and the search for something new.
  • For Native Americans, feathers indicated the gods of air, wind, and thunder. Thus, this design is associated with power and authority.
  • For Christians, feathers represent closeness to God.
  • In Islam, it is the symbol of salvation as the prophet Muhammed was even saved from capture by birds.
    For the Celts, feathers represented the sky gods.
  • Depending on the bird, feathers may have various meanings. The eagle feather symbolizes strength and courage. Also, in Chinese culture, it denotes the balance between good and bad. The owl feathers mean magic, wisdom, and intelligence. The peacock feather is the symbol of beauty, royalty, and pride. The crow and raven feathers signify the release from the past, knowledge, and wisdom.

This design is done in realism, surrealism, watercolor style, Tribal, dotwork. The arms, the feet, the neck, and the back are the best places for this tattoo.

Tatoos For Men

Men choose tattoos in order to highlight their masculinity, express the merits of the character and adorn the body. There is a great abundance of different designs, and the tatoos for men for expressing your personality are the following:

1. A Mandala Tattoo

A Mandala Tattoo

Mandala tattoos are geometric representations (squares and triangles mostly) of spiritual beliefs. The Mandala tattoo may represent many meanings:

  • The Sanskrit meaning of Mandala is the circle. It represents the cyclical nature of life.
  • In Hinduism, the mandala is used as a guide to spiritual transcendence and healing and it represents the connection with the universe and its different layers. In Buddhism, it represents the Buddha to show transition and a spiritual journey. Circles represent different levels of the cosmos, while the squares represent earthly planes. The center represents the self, devotion, and contemplation of the divine.
  • For Christians, this design represents wholeness and divinity.
  • For Native Americans, Mandala served as a reminder to focus on the most important things in life.

The tattoo is done in tribal, linework and dotwork styles. The best places for the tattoo are hands, arms, and the back.

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2. Tribal Tattoos

Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are rich, passionate, and ferocious.

They express the owner’s beliefs, his aspirations and may adorn almost any part of the body. However, it is believed that large and massive tattoos with a 3-D effect are one of the most popular. There are several designs you may consider:

The Maori people had a body art, known as Moko. The emergence of Maori tattoos is connected with the legend. The Maori reckoned that tattoos have come from the underworld, called Niwakera. For them, only people with a high social status could afford to have tattoos and they were sacred. In a modern world, Maori tattoos carry different meanings, which depend on the pattern.

  • Pakati represents courage and strength.
  • Hikuaua means prosperity.
    Unaunahi means health and abundance.
  • Ahu ahu mataroa denotes accomplishments and new challenges.
  • Pikorua represents the union of two opposite things: the earth and the sea. So, it means that in life, people choose different paths, but they lead to one destination.
  • Nga Hau E Wha is the representation of the four corners of the world. It means that all people should respect what God has given to them.
  • Koru (spiral) displays new beginnings.
  • The fish hook symbolizes prosperity.
  • A single twist serves as the symbol of eternity.
  • The Marquesas cross means balance and harmony.

The arrow tattoo is a typical Native American design. It carries different meanings.

  • A solitary arrow means defense and protection.
  • Two arrows and the arrow on a bow indicate the inner conflict, the war of interests and desires inside the person.
  • A broken arrow means peace, whereas two crossed arrows stand for the idea of friendship.
  • An arrow with a diamond represents courage.
  • A Cupid arrow means love and romance.
  • In Indian culture, a downward pointing arrow signifies peace.

Tattoo placement ideas are the neck, chest, arms, legs, shoulders, the back, the face, and the feet.


3. Animal Tattoos

Animal Tattoos

Native Americans believed that each person had its totem animal, which helped him. Today, animal tattoos are on the rise as they give a plethora of meanings and styles. The most popular designs are lions, tigers, wolves.

  • Lion tattoos are associated with bravery and courage. For Egyptians, they indicated the cyclical nature of life. In China, they mean guardianship. For Romans, lions symbolized strong libido. From a Christian perspective, lions embodied the concept of power and justice. For Buddhists, lions indicate wisdom and spirituality. Besides, in Japan, the lion tattoo signified honor, justice, and valor. These concepts were revered in the Samurai culture. Also, a roaring lion symbolizes power.
  • A tiger tattoo is deeply symbolic. The Bengal and Siberian tigers indicate power and royalty. In nature, tigers have an exceptional ability to hunt, so the tattoo symbolizes the person, who achieves success in life. In Asia, the tigers are as revered as dragons and they indicate spirituality and power. In India, tigers mean destruction. Also, in Chinese folklore, tigers are the protectors of the dead.
  • Wolves are known as brave leaders and fearless warriors. Pagans have associated with the night and magic. In Christianity, the wolves were connected with the Devil. However, in Roman and Scottish mythology, wolves are seen as protectors. In Mexico, people believed that wolves have accompanied people in the afterlife. For Native Americans, the wolf was the totem of power and strength. On top of that, for some Europeans, the wolf symbolized luck and fertility.

Animal tattoos look great in traditional style, realism, hyper-realism, tribal, dotwork, watercolor, and linework. The design looks great on the chest, the back, arms, and legs.


4. Biomechanical Tattoos

Biomechanical Tattoos

This is an innovative direction in the tattoo art. It looks realistic and sometimes surreal. The idea is that human anatomy is replaced with metal gears and pistons and infused with muscles.

The major meaning of the tattoo is the expression of love for technologies, the idea of a mechanical heart, which doesn’t feel anything and love for something new and modern. Also, the tattoo indicates creativity and imagination.

Arms, the chest, hips, and legs are chosen as the places for this tattoo.

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5. Music Tattoos

Music Tattoos

Music is the voice of your soul and it can convey your emotional and spiritual state. Music tattoos are chosen by many men as the way to show their appreciation and love for the music, world, and loved ones. The tattoos may carry the following meanings:

  • Music notes may illustrate the part of your favorite song.
  • Musical quotes express your attitude towards life.
  • Portraits of musicians show that you look up to your role models.
  • Microphones and headphones stand for the idea of cheerful lifestyle and freedom-loving spirit.
  • Musical instruments can indicate that the person is a musician or just loves the sounds of particular instruments.
  • Vinyl records and cassettes signify the conservative nature of the owner.
  • Radios and gramophones say that the person values every single moment in life.

The major styles are traditional, watercolor, tribal, neo-traditional, geometric, hyper-realism and realism, dotwork and linework.

The tattoo is placed on any part of the body.

Therefore, if you want to express your individuality and show the rest of the world how exceptional you are, these tattoos will help you to do it. Also, there are many inspirational tattoo pictures . Wearing them, you’ll always feel confident and be in the spotlight.