Roulette Terminology Worth Knowing

Roulette Terminology Worth Knowing

Published on June 15th, 2023

When it comes to Roulette, it’s a pretty simple game to understand the basic gist of. However, when it comes to the terminology and phrases used within a game, it can confuse some players, especially those new to the iconic wheel.

With this in mind, we have gathered a few terms and phrases most commonly used both in brick and mortar casino establishments, as well as casino online games too.

So, if you’re ready to know more about the words, phrases and terminology behind the Roulette games played around the world, scroll down to continue.

American Roulette

This term refers to one of the variants of Roulette that you can play. Although most commonly found in North, Central and South American casino floors, thanks to technology, American Roulette can now be played right around the world via a virtual casino platform.

The American Roulette wheel contains 38 pocketed compartments, with the usual 1 to 36, however, this wheel also contains both sets of zeros found in Roulette – the single zero (0) and the double zero (00).


This is a French term you’ll more than likely hear when playing French Roulette, which basically means ‘Corner Bet’.


This is a French term you’ll more than likely hear when playing French Roulette, which refers to ‘Split Bet’.


This is another name used to refer to the dealer at the Roulette table. A dealer or croupier is a casino employee who oversees the game played at the iconic table. If playing an online-generated game, the computer will act as the dealer.

Double Zero

This refers to the double zero pockets you can find within the American Roulette wheel. It will appear on the wheel within a green pocket, showcasing 00.

European Roulette

This term refers to a variant of Roulette that you can play, which is mostly found within casino establishments within Europe and Asia.

However, thanks to technological developments, you can play European Roulette online wherever you find yourself in the world.

The European wheel only contains one zero pocket – the single zero (0), as well as the usual 1 to 36 pockets. With no double zero (00) pocket to be found, the house edge for the game is lower than the American variant.

Inside Bets

This is the name given to any bets placed within the inside section of the table layout. The inside bet area is comprised of a boxed grid, where each box contains an individual number from 0 to 36.


Also referred to as a dolly, a marker or placeholder, is used by the dealer to mark the winning number on the table layout, after each spin.

By doing this, players not only see where the ball landed but know that the betting window for the next game hasn’t opened yet. It’s only when the marker has been removed from the table that a new game can begin.

Outside Bets

This is the name given to the range of bets that are placed within the outside section of the table layout.

The outside bet area is comprised of boxes around the outside of the inside section, which contain colours, numbers and/or letters.

These bets generally cover larger sections of the Roulette wheel that carry a lower betting odd rate than inside bets.

Now you know a few words and phrases used within Roulette, will you be using any on your next visit to the iconic wheel and table?

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