Top 5 Characteristics Of The Best Co-Working Space

co-working space

July 10th, 2018   |   Updated on October 4th, 2019

For many people, co-working is a new concept. However, it is one of the beneficial resources for entrepreneurs today. A co-working space is generally a shared work environment where individuals can meet up to network, work, share ideas, and even collaborate on projects.

They are an excellent resource for independent contractors, freelancers, individuals who travel frequently, or anyone looking for creative or contemporary working places that offer inspiration and resources. Here are qualities of the best co-working spaces.


1. Culture And Community

Culture And CommunitySource 

A good co-working space will have a culture that everyone can fit in and a community of people that inspire each other to do excellent work.

Co-working is not just a space for sitting and working, but a community of great people who do excellent work. A great working space will offer individuals the ability to share, review, lean on, and even learn from one another.


2. An Inviting And Relaxed Space

Relaxed Space Source

The feel and look of the working space is essential. A co-working space must be designed with the worker in mind. A good space will offer you added structures that will ensure that you get your work done with ease. You should never have to fight over minor things such as plug sockets.

The best co-working spaces will offer standing desks, magazines that provide inspiration, comfy couches for relaxation, adequate sockets, a kitchenette, and some soft background music to calm your nerves.


3. Amenities


Co-working spaces should provide all the amenities and comfort that you need to successfully get through a day in the office. Great spaces will offer desks, lounge areas, meeting spaces, and fiber Wi-Fi.

In addition to basic amenities, the space should also have a kitchenette, courier and printing facilities, stationary for sale, and even virtual assistants. This will give you the whole package that you need to carry out your work. For the best co-working spaces, check out


4. Location


Co-working spaces should be easily accessible to everyone. The working space should be convenient, easy to find, and safe.

In addition, it should be closer to your home so that you can avoid traffic or long commutes.A workspace that is centrally located is ideal for you because you will not have a problem getting there every day.


5. Noise Levels

Noise Levels

Some working spaces will have soft music playing in the background, while others will have white noise. Some co-working spaces will also be extremely quiet, while others will be a buzz of activity.

You should determine what suits your needs and choose one that you will feel comfortable working in.

You should remember that the noise levels will also change throughout the day. Therefore, inquire about the general tone from the community curator before making a choice.

With countless working spaces in existence today and new ones opening up every day, it is easy to find a co-working space that suits your needs.

Make sure that you choose one that has the right amenities, facilities, and a great community that can support your startup. The co-working space that you choose will impact your business and help to take it to the next level.