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Top Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Fashion Website Through Instagram

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April 19th, 2018   |   Updated on May 2nd, 2024

When it comes to brand promotion online, there are plenty of strategies and marketers are always in confusion as to how to plan it well. Endorsing the apt product based on the market conditions at the right moment, in the right manner is the basics of promotion.

When it comes to fashion marketing, one needs to do it in synchronization with the ever-changing trends and demands of the fashion industry.

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There is no doubt that Instagram is the best visual platform for fashion marketing on thinking of social media promotions. With more than 800 million users monthly, most of the fashion enthusiastic too flock to Instagram where they get the best-updated ideas and collections. With a consistent focus on mobile users, Instagram offers an incredible advantage to the fashion promoters to engaged customers in a better way.


Why Instagram?

A study had shown Instagram posts receive about 30 times better responses compared to Facebook and Twitter when it comes to fashion. The major reason behind this massive acceptance is that Instagram is a visual platform with the scope of sharing captivating pictures, which hits the bulls-eye in fashion marketing.

However, the competition is very high on the highly noisy platform of Instagram, and it is not so easy for a fashion promoter to make your voice heard distinctly. Here, we will discuss some actionable tips you can try out to succeed.


Generating traffic to fashion sites through Instagram

1. Try And Get Accustomed To All Crucial Instagram Features To Use Them According To The Need Of The Situations.


2. Recently, Instagram Introduced Instagram For Business, Which Offers Seamless Promotional Options For Brands To Establish.


3. Another Gramista Expert Suggestion Is To Focus More On User-generated Content To Tap Of The Emotional Advantage As Consumers Love To Be Recognized Or Acknowledged For Their Action.


4. Explore The Scope Of Cross-promote By Covering All Social Profiles. Even For Fashion Brands, You Can Take Advantage Of Other Social Platforms Including Twitter To Draw Traffic To Your Website.


5. Try Hashtag Endorsing Your Products On Instagram. Using Unique Hashtags Will Help To Connect With More In The Fashion Community And Build The Network.


6. Make Use Of The Popular And Trends Hashtags As Well As Build Your Unique Ones To Get Popularized Overtime.


7. Leverage Video Channels Like Youtube. When Posting Video Clips Of Fashion Accessories On Your Instagram Page, Try To Redirect The Users To The Youtube Channels To Explore More Or Get Details Of The Product.



8. When It Comes To Fashion, It Is All About Images And Videos. So, Always Try To Include Product Videos And Photos In Your Blog. This Is An Efficient Technique To Attract More New Audience To Follow You. Videos Are Now The Major Usps To Leading Fashion Brands.


9. Don’t Simply Work On Getting More Followers, But Also Remember To Follow Them Back. The Users Who Follow Your Brand Can Be Counted As Valuable Customers, And You Should Also Acknowledge Their Initiative By Following Them Back As Your Acknowledgment For A Long-term Relationship.


Even though we have formerly touched a few basic aspects, you can find innumerable possibility when into live action. The concept of social media marketing is ever-changing, and you have to revisit your strategies on a daily basis to succeed.


Author bio: Harris is a leading content marketing blog writer who has a large number of followers online. He also works as a consultant for Gramista and as a freelancer fashion marketer.